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The frenchman SKALP aka Pascal Lemaire recorded a new funk CD 'From my head to your feet' This double CD is already released in december 2007 on V.Music. SKALP is influenced by George Duke, D-Train, Tonni Smith, Lenny White, Marcus Miller, Roger Troutman, and Don Blackman to name a few. Don Blackman, is also starring on this CD. He appear on the track Funky Toons. You can hear the influences of above artists in his music, funky, nice solos etc with analog synths like Moog, Prophet and Oberheim. That guy, Pascal, knows how to play those instruments. For samples and to buy this CD

The introlude is even funky. The club hit superstar is funky with a nice D-Train synth solo by Pascal. The next track Chanana contains also a great synth solo, very funky. 'You want a baby' is a funk track with a great bass rhythm and Roger's talk box, and Zapp's funky guitar riff is present. Great tune. Do you want a baby, buy this CD. The title track 'From my head to your feet' is ok but nut that good. The funk track 'Old school tribute' is an tribute to all funk artists that passed away. Nice moog bass. 'Don't u mess with my mind' is an uptempo track with different old school influences. When you hear the first 16 beats of 'I Don't care' you think it could be a track by Digital Underground. With the high pitched sytnh and fat groove, with 'I doesn't really matter' talk box on the back it sounds fat. 'Bounce' the last track of CD one is a three minute instrumental with a funky bass riffs. A fantastic dessert.

CD2 starts with 'Back 2 U' is a downtempo track the same for 'Walkin'in the groove'. Both are not soul neither funk. But pretty good. Pascal did also a cover of Tom Browne's 'Funkin' For Jamaica' a bit audacious but he has done a great job. I heard worse. Even the vocalist sounds like a bit on Tonni Smith. Nice synth solo in it, even the talk box is present. The great 'Don Blackman' stars on this track with his vocals. Don's Funky vocals on even funk beat. Real Funk in optima forma. Great vocals by Sista Pat on 'Best of my time' great vibe with again superb synths. The uptempo 'Play this game' is one of my favourites on this CD. Bass, Synths, delicious. Last track The Groover (Outrolude) is that fine and too short.

Mark Berbiers


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