February 1987

Attalos Imports uit Amsterdam Month Info

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the-attalos-import-month-infoIn Amsterdam is Attalos, aan de Amstelveenseweg 27, de toonaangevende import speciaal zaak wat betreft Engelse en Amerikaanse Soul en Funk Elpees, en of maxi singles. Hierbij een overzicht van de LP's die momenteel hot zijn.

Kareltje Utrecht Gespecialiseerd in Amerikaanse Import

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kareltje-utrecht-gespecialiseerd-in-amerikaans-importKareltje de Import zaak aan de Mariaplaats in Utrecht en omstreken is gespecialiseerd in nieuwe soul, funk import uit de US, UK, CA en Italie. Hier een overzicht van de New Releases van de maand Februari.

Saxofonist David Sanborn's new LP and Cassette is out now

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david_sanborn-the_new_lp_A_change_of_heartSaxofonist David Sanborn's new LP and Cassette 'A Change Of Heart' is out now on Warner Bros Records. It includes the Forthcoming Single 'The Dream'. David is appearing live Saturday 26th of March at Hammersmith Odeon.

Short Soul News From February

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George Benson currently preparing for his new album and cutting tracks in New York with producers Barry Eastmond and Wayne Brathwaite.

Randy Muller’s new find is Full Circle whose debut single, “Working Up A Sweat”, is doing just that in the U.K. clubs on import. Like other Muller acts B.T. Express, Brass Construction and Skyy, Full Circle hail from Brooklyn.

Chaka Khan's new single is the Charlie Singleton-penned “Earth To Mickey’ taken from her Grammy-nominated “Destiny” album.

New Yorker Willie Colon aim to repeat the chart success of his 1986 hit “Set Fire To Me” with his new outing on A&M entitled “She Don’t Know I’m Alive” which is already making impressive strides in the U.S. dance charts. The new single, written and produced by Colon, is available in both 7” and 12” format with the latter featuring a Dub 2 and extended version of the A-side and a previously unavailable mix of “Set Fire To Me” — the Latin Jazzbo Mix.

Fast hitting legendary status. New York deejay cum producer Larry Levan is currently producing a new act Manfriday for Warner Brothers with Jellybean and Bob Caviano acting as exec producers.

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Out Now: The New Single Come Share My Love By Miki Howard

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miki_howard-come-share-my-loveOut Now, on Atlantic Records, the brand new single 'Come Share My Love' by ex Side Effect member Miki Howard. This great track is available in on an extended 12 inch single 7inch. This track is also available on her same titled album 'Come Share My Love'. Go To your local shop to buy it. It's a very recommended track.

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