Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Top R&B AlbumsPreacher Man1973319
Top R&B AlbumsLoving Power1976246
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Hot 100For Your Precious Love1958-06-161112
Hot 100Gypsy Woman1961-10-162015
Hot 100Little Young Lover1962-07-28961
Hot 100Grow Closer Together1962-02-17991
Hot 100It's All Right1963-09-28414
Hot 100Sad, Sad Girl And Boy1963-05-25844
Hot 100I'm The One Who Loves You1963-02-09736
Hot 100Talking About My Baby1964-01-18129
Hot 100Amen1964-11-21711
Hot 100Keep On Pushing1964-06-061013
Hot 100I'm So Proud1964-04-041411
Hot 100You Must Believe Me1964-09-051510
Hot 100I Need You1965-08-14647
Hot 100Meeting Over Yonder1965-06-05488
Hot 100Just One Kiss From You1965-10-02765
Hot 100You've Been Cheatin'1965-11-20339
Hot 100People Get Ready1965-02-13148
Hot 100Woman's Got Soul1965-04-03297
Hot 100Since I Lost The One I Love1966-02-05902
Hot 100Too Slow1966-04-02913
Hot 100Can't Satisfy1966-09-03657
Hot 100We're A Winner1967-12-301413
Hot 100I Can't Stay Away From You1967-09-02804
Hot 100You Always Hurt Me1967-03-04962
Hot 100We're Rolling On1968-04-20597
Hot 100This Is My Country1968-11-302510
Hot 100Don't Cry My Love1968-11-23714
Hot 100I Loved And I Lost1968-07-20618
Hot 100Fool For You1968-09-072212
Hot 100Choice Of Colors1969-06-282111
Hot 100Seven Years1969-04-26844
Hot 100Say You Love Me1969-10-18589
Hot 100(Baby) Turn On To Me1970-09-05568
Hot 100Check Out Your Mind1970-05-162812
Hot 100Ain't Got Time1971-02-27536
Hot 100Love Me1971-07-31943
Hot 100Finally Got Myself Together1974-05-041718
Hot 100Sooner Or Later1975-07-05688
Hot 100Same Thing It Took1975-11-01754

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