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Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Hot 100Wang Dang Doodle1973-12-22618
Hot 100Yes We Can Can1973-08-181116
Hot 100Fairytale1974-10-051316
Hot 100How Long (Betcha Got A Chick On The Side)1975-07-192015
Hot 100Going Down Slowly1975-11-22617
Hot 100Live Your Life Before You Die1975-03-08895
Hot 100Fire1978-11-11223
Hot 100Happiness1979-03-173010
Hot 100Could I Be Dreaming1980-11-085211
Hot 100He's So Shy1980-07-26326
Hot 100Slow Hand1981-05-30224
Hot 100I'm So Excited1982-09-183015
Hot 100Should I Do It1982-01-231316
Hot 100American Music1982-06-261614
Hot 100I Need You1983-10-084815
Hot 100If You Wanna Get Back Your Lady1983-03-26675
Hot 100I'm So Excited [R]1984-08-04924
Hot 100Neutron Dance1984-11-24623
Hot 100Automatic1984-01-28520
Hot 100Jump (For My Love)1984-04-28324
Hot 100Baby Come And Get It1985-03-234411
Hot 100Dare Me1985-07-131118
Hot 100Freedom1985-11-025911
Hot 100Twist My Arm1986-03-01835
Hot 100Goldmine1986-11-013313
Hot 100All I Know Is The Way I Feel1987-02-21932
Hot 100Be There1987-08-08429

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