Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Hot 100Sock It 2 Me1997-10-181220
Hot 100Not Tonight1997-07-12621
Hot 100Here We Come1998-12-05924
Hot 100Trippin'1998-11-07720
Hot 100Make It Hot1998-06-27523
Hot 100She's A Bitch1999-05-15906
Hot 100Hot Boyz1999-11-27521
Hot 100All N My Grill1999-07-246414
Hot 100Is That Your Chick2000-12-166813
Hot 100Take That2000-06-24867
Hot 100Take Away2001-12-154520
Hot 100Get Ur Freak On2001-03-24724
Hot 100Son Of A Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You)2001-11-212812
Hot 100One Minute Man2001-07-141521
Hot 100Gossip Folks2002-12-28820
Hot 100Knoc2002-03-09983
Hot 100Burnin' Up2002-08-176015
Hot 100Work It2002-09-14225
Hot 100Party To Damascus2003-10-18659
Hot 100Pass That Dutch2003-10-182715
Hot 100P***ycat2003-05-10775
Hot 100Cop That Sh#!2003-08-23952
Hot 100I'm Really Hot2004-02-145910
Hot 1001, 2 Step2004-10-3000
Hot 100Car Wash2004-09-11635

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