4th May an other release by Steve Nichols of Loose ends this time a smooth jazz tune

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Steve Nichol of Loose Ends Mellow Hill

The next track from Steve Nichol of Loose Ends is due to release on May 4th. This is a different groove to the previous track ‘Dangerous Romance ft Ellene Masri’ and is targeted at the Smooth Jazz audience, although this track still has that Loose Ends bottom end growl. Inspiration for this music came from sitting back, watching an early summer sunrise over London.

Written & Composed by Steve Nichol Keyboards by Carl Hudson Guitar by Terry Lewis Bass by Andy Tolman Drums by Nick Van Gelder Flute and vocal hook by Ragan Whiteside Produced by Soulpersona Mastered by Michael Rendall Executive Producer Lee Murthwaite (SO-UK: Music)

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