CD Album Reissue Anytime Anyplace by The Dramatics

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The Dramatics - Anytime Anyplace Another great reissue on Vinyl Masterpiece is the album Any Time Any Place by The Dramatics. Original from 1979 on ABC records (AA-1125). On this record the Dramtics are L.J. Reynolds, Ron Banks, Willie Ford, Lenny Mayes and Larry Demps. The album start with two funky tracks 'I just wanna dance with you' and the even heavier 'Bottom Line Woman'. Followed by the great love song 'That's my favorite song' written by Cecil and Shirley Womack and Don Davis, the latter is also the producer on this album. 'I Think about you' sounds early 70s. The last track on side one, at least on vinyl, is 'Get with the band and dance' a heavy uptempo funk track.
{jcomments on} A melodious mellow soul tune is 'Life is just a playground' with great hooks and instruments. 'I'm hooked on you' is slowwww. The third track is another mellow 'Philly' soul track. The title 'Love Birds' says enough. The last track on this album is 'A marriage on paper only', a boogie tune with a superb heavy bass line. Other collaborating artist on this album are Wayne Henderson (Arranger), Cecil Womack (Guitar/Writer), Bruce Nazarian (Bass). I personally think this album should exist in your collection.
Mark Berbiers

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