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Alexander Boynton Jr. - Doo Bee Doo Bop Bass Player Alexander Boynton jr. just released his first solo album 'Doo Bee Doo Bop'. Boynton Jr. grew up in Los Angeles, where he learned to play bass in school. His roots are in R&B and Gospel. He have collaborate with the following artists like David Foster, David Pickell and Jeff Lorber who produced this album. You can hear Lorber's piano, synth on each track of this album. Other talented artists worked on this album like guitarist Paul Jackson Jr., Tony Maiden (Rufus), Rick Braun, and Phil Perry and many others.
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This smooth jazz album is timeless. It's created in 2011 but could have been recorded in the late eighties. The first tune 'Beyond The Gate' is a smooth jazz track filled with even Jazzy trumpet on a bass filled groove. Track 'So Long Ago' is an instrumental smooth jazz track with that typical 'Miles' trumpet sound.

An absolute gem on this album is 'Real Live Woman'. The perfect voice of Phil Perry in combination with the background vocals of Chelsea Nicole on very smooth melodic sound makes this song complete.

Alexander's pumpin' bass together with the synth sounds, guitar licks, piano work by mister Lorber makes 'Frisky Boogaloo' a favorite. The albums title track 'Doo Bee Doo Bop' is an other mid-temp smooth jazz tune with the wellknow instruments it even got a great bass lick in it (too short).

The same is true about track #7 'Soul Sista'. 'It Never Rains in southern California', written by Raphael Saadiq of Tony! Toni! Toné!, is done in a way a cover should be done. Superb instrumentation and vocals. This track is also available in a long version on this album.

Track number ten is a pop song that sounds like the police (Message in the bottle). The forelast track 'Lots Of Money' is a heavy funk track with a great bass solo by Alexander. It has some chinese influences? Alexander, xiexie (Pronounced Che Che is Chinese for Thank you) for this superb album.

Mark Berbiers

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