Felton Pilate



Year Title Label Rating
Let's Wear It Out 1982 Klique - Let's Wear It Out MCA
(11 votes)
Feel My Power 1987 M.c. Hammer - Feel My Power BUSTIN'
(0 votes)
Time Out For Me 1988 Dorothy Moore - Time Out For Me VOLT
(0 votes)
Down To Business 1989 The Spinners - Down To Business VOLT
(1 vote)
Take It To The Floor 1990 Special Generation - Take It To The Floor CAPITOL
(2 votes)
B Angie B 1991 B Angie B - B Angie B CAPITOL
(1 vote)
Loving Ain't Easy 1992 David Black - Loving Ain't Easy BUST IT (CAPITOL)
(0 votes)

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