ZAPP members are Larry Troutman, Roger Troutman, Tony Troutman. ZAPP released Seven albums from 1980 till 2003. The first album ZAPP released in the eighties is 'Zapp I' on WARNER BROS. Records. Other albums that ZAPP recorded are 'The New Zapp IV U', 'Zapp II', 'All The Greatest Hits', 'Zapp III'. Eighty six albums of ZAPP reached the billboard Black Albums chart. The highest charted album was 'Zapp' from 1980. This album debuted in 1980 on the Black Albums chart and reached number 1 and lasts 0 weeks on this chart. Other charted albums are `Zapp' #1 (Black Albums) and `Zapp Iii' #10 (The Billboard 200) and `The New Zapp IV' #11 (The Billboard 200) and `Zapp III' #13 (Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums) and `V' #15 (The Billboard 200) and `Zapp Iii' #16 (The Billboard 200) and `Zapp' #19 (Pop Albums) and `Zapp II' #2 (Black Albums) and `V' #34 (Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums) and `All The Greatest Hits' #39 (The Billboard 200) and `Zapp III' #39 (Pop Albums) and `New Zapp IV U' #8 (Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums) and `The New Zapp IV U' #8 (Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums) and `All The Greatest Hits' #9 (Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums) and `Zapp III' #9 (Black Albums) and `All The Greatest Hits' #9 (Top R&B Albums) and `The Compilation: Greatest Hits II And More' #93 (Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums) From 1980 till 1996 ZAPP released also sixteen singles. The first single ZAPP released in the eighties is 'More Bounce To The Ounce' on WARNER BROS. Records. Other released tracks are 'Computer Love (1985 / WARNER BROS.)', 'Dance Floor (1982 / WARNER BROS.)', 'Heartbreaker (1983 / WARNER BROS.)', 'I Can Make You Dance (1983 / WARNER BROS.)'.

Roger Troutman formed the group Zapp in 1981. The came from Ohio. The group consist of Gregory Jackson (vocals), Bobby Glover (vocals), and the brothers Troutman. Lester (drums), Zapp (bass/keyboards), Larry (congas/percussion) and, of course, Roger (vocals/Guitar/Talk box). The group was supported by a horn section.

They released their four albums on Warner Brothers. In 1984 Bobby Glover went solo and recorded his album "Bad Bobby Glover". Roger Troutman produced the album of Bobby Glover.

The group dramatically changed with four new members. Damien Black on drums, Aaron Blackmon on Guitair, Robert 'Kumba' Jones on percussion and nevertheless $Shirley Murdock on vocals . These artists recorded The New Zapp IV. The biggest hits from this album are Computer Love, and It Really Doesn't Matter.

Four years later in 1989 the recorded Zapp V for Reprise records.

This was the last album they recorded as Zapp.

Roger Troutman did record a few solo albums.

On the morning of April 25, 1999, Roger Troutman was found shot behind the alley of his Roger Tee Enterprises. Witnesses reported seeing a man in a black car leave the scene of the crime. His brother Larry, a former Zapp member, was found fatally shot in a Lincoln sedan crashed against a tree seven blocks from the studio. The county coroner ruled the shootings a murder/suicide.

Roger Troutman (age 47), the big inspirator of Zapp, and Larry Troutman died both on April 25, 1999, in Dayton, OH. Add/Complete Bio

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