Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Black AlbumsWar1971420
Black AlbumsAll Day Music197260
Black AlbumsDeliver The Word197310
Black AlbumsThe World Is A Ghetto197310
Black AlbumsWar Live!197410
Black AlbumsWhy Can't We Be Friends?197510
Black AlbumsGreatest Hits1976120
Black AlbumsPlatinum Jazz197760
Black AlbumsYoungblood1978400
Black AlbumsGalaxy197860
Black AlbumsThe Music Band1979110
Black AlbumsThe Music Band 21980340
Black AlbumsOutlaw1982150
Black AlbumsLife (Is So Strange)1983360
Jazz AlbumsWhy Can't We Be Friends?1975140
Jazz AlbumsPlatinum Jazz1977100
Pop AlbumsWar1971190
Pop AlbumsThe Black-Man's Burdon1971820
Pop AlbumsAll Day Music1972160
Pop AlbumsThe World Is A Ghetto197310
Pop AlbumsDeliver The Word197360
Pop AlbumsWar Live!1974130
Pop AlbumsWhy Can't We Be Friends?197580
Pop AlbumsGreatest Hits197660
Pop AlbumsLove Is All Around1977140
Pop AlbumsPlatinum Jazz1977230
Pop AlbumsGalaxy1978150
Pop AlbumsYoungblood1978690
Pop AlbumsThe Music Band 21979110
Pop AlbumsThe Music Band1979410
Pop AlbumsOutlaw1982480
Pop AlbumsLife (Is So Strange)1983160
The Billboard 200The Best Of War1987150
The Billboard 200Peace Sign1994200
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsPeace Sign1994520
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Adult Contemporary0000-00-0000
Black Singles0000-00-0000
Club Play Singles0000-00-0000
Disco Singles0000-00-0000
Hot 100All Day Music1971-08-073511
Hot 100The World Is A Ghetto1972-11-18716
Hot 100Slippin' Into Darkness1972-01-221622
Hot 100Gypsy Man1973-07-21813
Hot 100Cisko Kid1973-03-03215
Hot 100Me And Baby Brother1973-11-101515
Hot 100Ballero1974-06-083310
Hot 100Why Can't We Be Friends?1975-05-03620
Hot 100Low Rider1975-09-20715
Hot 100Summer1976-07-10716
Hot 100L.A. Sunshine1977-07-094510
Hot 100Galaxy1978-01-073910
Hot 100You Got The Power1982-04-03666
Hot 100Outlaw1982-07-10943
Hot 100Low Rider (On The Boulevard)1991-08-105411
Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales0000-00-0000
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks0000-00-0000
Pop Singles0000-00-0000

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