Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Hot 100When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes1963-11-302311
Hot 100A Breath Taking Guy1963-07-27757
Hot 100Where Did Our Love Go1964-07-11114
Hot 100Come See About Me1964-11-14114
Hot 100Run, Run, Run1964-03-14932
Hot 100Baby Love1964-10-03113
Hot 100Stop In The Name Of Love1965-02-20112
Hot 100Back In My Arms Again1965-05-01111
Hot 100I Hear A Symphony1965-10-30110
Hot 100Nothing But Heartaches1965-07-31119
Hot 100You Keep Me Hangin' On1966-10-29112
Hot 100You Can't Hurry Love1966-08-13113
Hot 100Love Is Like An Itching Of My Heart1966-04-3098
Hot 100My World Is Empty Without You1966-01-15511
Hot 100Love Is Here And Now You're Gone1967-01-28111
Hot 100In And Out Of Love1967-11-1198
Hot 100The Happening1967-04-08111
Hot 100Reflections1967-08-12211
Hot 100Forever Came Today1968-03-16289
Hot 100I'm Gonna Make You Love Me1968-11-281410
Hot 100Some Things You Never Get Used To1968-06-08307
Hot 100Love Child1968-10-19116
Hot 100I'm Livin' In Shame1969-01-25108
Hot 100I'll Try Something New1969-03-15257
Hot 100The Composer1969-04-19276
Hot 100The Weight1969-09-13465
Hot 100The Young Folks1969-08-02695
Hot 100No Matter What Sign You Are1969-05-31316
Hot 100Someday We'll Be Together1969-11-08116
Hot 100Everybody's Got The Right To Love1970-07-182111
Hot 100River Deep Mountain High1970-11-281410
Hot 100Up The Ladder To The Roof1970-03-071011
Hot 100Stoned Love1970-11-07714
Hot 100You Gotta Have Love In Your Heart1971-06-05555
Hot 100Nathan Jones1971-05-081610
Hot 100Touch1971-10-09714
Hot 100Automatically Sunshine1972-05-06379
Hot 100Floy Joy1972-01-081612
Hot 100I Guess I'll Miss The Man1972-10-21857
Hot 100Your Wonderful Sweet Sweet Love1972-08-05753
Hot 100Bad Weather1973-06-09871
Hot 100I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do The Walking1976-05-294014
Hot 100You're My Driving Wheel1976-12-04854

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