Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Black Albums2nd Time Around1970460
Black AlbumsSpinners197310
Black AlbumsThe Best Of The Spinners1973370
Black AlbumsMighty Love197410
Black AlbumsNew And Improved197510
Black AlbumsPick Of The Litter197520
Black AlbumsSpinners Live!197640
Black AlbumsHappiness Is Being With The Spinners197650
Black AlbumsYesterday, Today & Tomorrow1977110
Black AlbumsSpinners/81978340
Black AlbumsThe Best Of The Spinners1978560
Black AlbumsFrom Here To Eternally1979610
Black AlbumsDancin' And Lovin'1980110
Black AlbumsLove Trippin'1980160
Black AlbumsLabor Of Love1981400
Black AlbumsCan't Shake This Feelin'1982340
Black AlbumsGrand Slam1982430
Pop Albums2nd Time Around1970190
Pop AlbumsThe Best Of The Spinners1973120
Pop AlbumsSpinners1973140
Pop AlbumsMighty Love1974160
Pop AlbumsPick Of The Litter197580
Pop AlbumsNew And Improved197590
Pop AlbumsSpinners Live!1976200
Pop AlbumsHappiness Is Being With The Detroit Spinners1976250
Pop AlbumsYesterday, Today & Tomorrow1977260
Pop AlbumsThe Best Of The Spinners1978110
Pop AlbumsSpinners/81978570
Pop AlbumsFrom Here To Eternally1979160
Pop AlbumsDancin' And Lovin'1980320
Pop AlbumsLove Trippin'1980530
Pop AlbumsLabor Of Love1981120
Pop AlbumsCan't Shake This Feelin'1982190
Pop AlbumsGrand Slam1983160
Top R&B AlbumsMighty Love197410
Top R&B AlbumsNew And Improved197510
Top R&B AlbumsPick Of The Litter197520
Top R&B AlbumsHappiness Is Being With The Spinners1976528
Top R&B AlbumsFrom Here To Eternally1979610
Top R&B AlbumsLabor Of Love1981400
Top R&B AlbumsGrand Slam1982430
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Adult Contemporary0000-00-0000
Black Singles0000-00-0000
Club Play Singles0000-00-0000
Disco Singles0000-00-0000
Hot 100That's What Girls Are Made For1961-06-26278
Hot 100Love (I'm So Glad) I Found You1961-11-20911
Hot 100I'll Always Love You1965-07-17357
Hot 100It's A Shame1970-07-251415
Hot 100We'll Have It Made1971-01-23893
Hot 100How Could I Let You Get Away /1972-08-19320
Hot 100Could It Be I'm Falling In Love1972-12-30415
Hot 100I'll Be Around1972-09-1600
Hot 100One Of A Kind (Love Affair)1973-04-281115
Hot 100Together We Can Make Such Sweet Music1973-05-12915
Hot 100Ghetto Child1973-08-18298
Hot 100Mighty Love1974-01-262015
Hot 100Love Don't Love Nobody1974-09-211513
Hot 100I'm Coming Home1974-05-181813
Hot 100Then Came You1974-07-27119
Hot 100Sadie1975-05-03547
Hot 100Love Or Leave1975-12-27368
Hot 100Living A Little, Laughing A Little1975-03-08377
Hot 100Games People Play1975-08-09518
Hot 100Wake Up Susan1976-07-17565
Hot 100The Rubberband Man1976-09-11221
Hot 100You're Throwing A Good Love Away1977-03-19437
Hot 100Heaven On Earth1977-10-08894
Hot 100If You Wanna Do A Dance All Night1978-07-29496
Hot 100Working My Way Back To You / Forgive Me Girl1979-12-15225
Hot 100Cupid / I've Loved You For A Long Time1980-05-17419
Hot 100Yesterday Once More / Nothing Remains The Same1981-02-14528
Hot 100Never Thought I'd Fall In Love1982-03-06952
Hot 100Funny How Time Slips Away1982-12-11678
Hot 100I'll Be Around1995-03-253916
Pop Singles0000-00-0000

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