Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Hot 100Please Mr. Postman1961-09-04123
Hot 100Beechwood 4-1957891962-08-111711
Hot 100Playboy1962-05-05715
Hot 100Twistin' Postman1962-01-27349
Hot 100Strange I Know1962-12-014914
Hot 100Locking Up My Heart /1963-03-23449
Hot 100Forever1963-05-04786
Hot 100As Long As I Know He's Mine1963-11-094713
Hot 100My Daddy Knows Best1963-08-03676
Hot 100Too Many Fish In The Sea1964-11-072512
Hot 100He's A Good Guy1964-02-22557
Hot 100You're My Remedy1964-07-04487
Hot 100I'll Keep Holding On1965-05-29347
Hot 100Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead1965-08-14618
Hot 100Don't Mess With Bill1966-01-01712
Hot 100You're The One1966-04-23486
Hot 100My Baby Must Be A Magician1967-12-161711
Hot 100When You're Young And In Love1967-04-222310
Hot 100The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game1967-01-211311
Hot 100Here I Am Baby1968-06-08449
Hot 100Destination: Anywhere1968-10-05635
Hot 100That's The Way Heartaches Are Made1969-11-08971
Hot 100I'm Gonna Hold On As Long As I Can1969-01-18763

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