THE LOVE UNLIMITED ORCHESTRA members are Kenny G, Barry White. THE LOVE UNLIMITED ORCHESTRA released Ten albums from 1974 till 1983. The first album THE LOVE UNLIMITED ORCHESTRA released in the seventies is 'Rhapsody In White' on 20TH CENTURY Records. Other albums that THE LOVE UNLIMITED ORCHESTRA recorded are 'White Gold', 'Rise', 'Let 'Em Dance', 'My Musical Bouquet'. Five albums of THE LOVE UNLIMITED ORCHESTRA reached the billboard Top R&B Albums chart. The highest charted album was 'White Gold' from 1974. This album debuted 23 November 1974 on the Top R&B Albums chart and reached number 10 and lasts 25 weeks on this chart. Other charted albums are `Music Maestro Please' #14 (Top R&B Albums) and `Rhapsody In White' #2 (Top R&B Albums) and `He's All I've Got' #51 (Top R&B Albums) and `My Musical Bouquet' #53 (Top R&B Albums) From 1972 till 1983 THE LOVE UNLIMITED ORCHESTRA released also fifteen singles. The first single THE LOVE UNLIMITED ORCHESTRA released in the seventies is 'Walking In The Rain With The One I Love' on Records. Other released tracks are 'Do It To The Music ... Please (1983 / UNLIMITED GOLD (CBS))', 'Don't You Know How Much I Love You (1978 / 20TH CENTURY FOX)', 'Gotta be Where You Are (1982 / UNLIMITED GOLD (CBS))', 'My Laboratory Is Ready For You (1983 / UNLIMITED GOLD (CBS))'.

Based in Los Angeles, this forty-piece ensemble of strings, horns and rhythm players provided all the accompaniment for Barry White, Love Unlimited and many of Barry White's productions through the 70s. Arranged by Gene Page and produced by Barry, they had a classic instrumental of their own with 'Love's Theme' (UK Top 10,1974).

Their albums included Under The Influence Of Barry White Gold, Music Maestro Please, Rhapsody In White and My Sweet Summer Suite, all for the 20th Century/Pye labels.

When Barry launched his Unlimited Gold label via CBS, The Love Unlimited Orchestra recorded Let 'Em Dance (1981), including 'Jamaican Girl", and Welcome Aboard, including 'Lift Your Voice And Say (United We Can Live In Peace Today)' (1981) featuring Webster Lewis.

Kenny G was a member when he was 17 years old. Add/Complete Bio


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