Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Hot 100Baby I Need Your Loving1964-08-151112
Hot 100Without The One You Love1964-11-28435
Hot 100It's The Same Old Song1965-07-3159
Hot 100Ain't That Love1965-07-31931
Hot 100Something About You1965-11-13197
Hot 100Ask The Lonely1965-02-06248
Hot 100I Can't Help Myself1965-05-15114
Hot 100Shake Me, Wake Me (When It's Over)1966-02-19189
Hot 100Standing In The Shadows Of Love1966-12-17610
Hot 100Reach Out I'll Be There1966-09-03115
Hot 100Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever1966-05-28458
Hot 100You Keep Running Away1967-09-16198
Hot 100Bernadette1967-03-11410
Hot 100Seven Rooms Of Gloom1967-05-20148
Hot 100I'll Turn To Stone1967-07-15765
Hot 100If I Were A Carpenter1968-04-272010
Hot 100Walk Away Renee1968-02-03148
Hot 100Yesterday's Dreams1968-07-20496
Hot 100I'm In A Different World1968-10-05516
Hot 100What Is A Man?1969-05-10537
Hot 100Don't Let Him Take Your Love From Me1969-12-06457
Hot 100River Deep Mountain High1970-11-281410
Hot 100Still Water (Love)1970-08-291114
Hot 100It's All In The Game1970-04-252413
Hot 100MacArthur Park1971-09-11388
Hot 100In These Changing Times1971-07-03704
Hot 100Just Seven Numbers (Can Straighten Out)1971-01-23408
Hot 100You Gotta Have Love In Your Heart1971-06-05555
Hot 100A Simple Game1972-02-05903
Hot 100Keeper Of The Castle1972-11-111012
Hot 100(It's The Way) Nature Planned It1972-09-09537
Hot 100Sweet Understanding Love1973-10-13339
Hot 100Ain't No Woman (Like The One I've Got)1973-02-03415
Hot 100Are You Man Enough1973-06-231513
Hot 100Midnight Flower1974-08-17557
Hot 100One Chain Don't Make No Prison1974-05-04418
Hot 100I Just Can't Get You Out Of My Mind1974-01-26628
Hot 100We All Gotta Stick Together1975-12-06971
Hot 100Seven Lonely Nights1975-05-24714
Hot 100Catfish1976-10-30716
Hot 100When She Was My Girl1981-08-151122
Hot 100Back To School Again1982-05-15717
Hot 100Sad Hearts1982-08-28843
Hot 100I Just Can't Walk Away1983-10-22719
Hot 100Indestructible1988-08-203511

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