SHOTGUN released Six albums from 1977 till 1982. The first album SHOTGUN released in the seventies is 'Shotgun' on ABC Records. Other albums that SHOTGUN recorded are 'Good Bad And Funky', 'Kingdom Come', 'Ladies Choice', From 1979 till 1982 SHOTGUN released also four singles. The first single SHOTGUN released in the seventies is 'Don't You Wanna Make Love?' on ABC Records. Other released tracks are 'Ladies Choice (1982 / MONTAGE)', 'Shake & Pop (1982 / MONTAGE)', 'Happy Feelin' (1980 / MCA)'.

SHOTGUN In April of 1975, six young black men left their hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. Bursting with talent and enthusiasm, they arrived in that hotbed of rock'n'roll — Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was to be their new home and the begin- ning of a plan. The following months would be filled with tight budgets, endless hours of practice, high school dances, fraternity and sorority parties, riverboat beer bashes, hip clubs, dingy bars, and every type of job imaginable.

It was during this period that the group developed, under the watchful eyes of managers Al Nalli and Clarence Camp- bell. A musical and stage direction of power, force, and energy evolved, and only the name "Shotgun" could adequate- ly describe the explosive potential of the band. By the end of their first year, "Shot- gun" was easily Michigan's top local group and played an unprecedented 6 out of 7 college NEC regional showcase con- certs. And their devastating show at the national convention in Washington (which is still being talked about) was in- deed the shot heard round the states. By virtue of the NEC Program, the six would spend the better part of their sec- ond year on a grueling cross country tour of colleges that covered 32 states and 200,000 miles.

They opened shows for the likes of Peter Frampton, Ronnie Montrose, Quick Silver Messenger Service, Bob Mar- ley, Rufus, Ohio Players, and the Spinners. But, the most import* ant event was the re* cording of their first album, on speculation alone, at the famed Criteria Studios in Miami. Co-produced by Al Nalli and Cri- teria's Steve Klein, the Shotgun album features all original material with the ex- ception of Bob Mar- ley's "Concrete Jun- gle." Soon after the album's completion, Shotgun signed an exclusive recording contract with ABC Records.

Shotgun is a six-piece band that can not accurately be described by any one of the labels that are pinned on today's mu- sic. The sound is electric guitar rock; the beat is funky; the vocals are full and var- ied with two lead singers and all the other members contributing. The overall feel is progressive and extremely danceable. And, the Shotgun Band is very together on stage — which doesn't mean they dress in identical jump-suits doing old Temps routines. No way! Tyrone Steels — Drums and Lead Vo- cals, Ernist Lattimore — Guitar and Lead Vocals, Billy Talbert — Lead Gui- tar, Keyboards and Vocals, Larry Austin — Bass and Vocals, William Gentry — Trumpet and Vocals, and Greg Ingram — Sax and Vocals make up Shotgun. And this Shotgun has a feather trigger. Both barrels are loaded and their sights are set on big game — natural prominence and a hit record first time out. We are Shotgun, that's our name,.. Funky stuff is our game... % Playin' rock'n'roll from town to town Layin' down our funky sound ,..

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