SHERRICK released One album in 1987 The first album SHERRICK released in the eighties is 'Sherrick' on WARNER BROS. Records. In 1987 SHERRICK released also five singles. The first single SHERRICK released in the eighties is 'Do You Baby' on WARNER BROS. Records. Other released tracks are 'I'm Scared 'A You (1987 / WARNER BROS.)', 'Just Call (1987 / WARNER BROS.)', 'Let's Be Lovers Tonight (1987 / WARNER BROS.)'.

Sherrick's only solo album is his selftitled album. The number "Baby I'm for Real," is originally by the Originals. Mike Stokes and Sherrick (aka Lamotte Smith) contributed the bulk of the original songs that speak of love, love, and more love. Sherrick's career (he also was Kagny & the Dirty Rats' lead singer) was short circuited by a horrific cocaine addiction in 1999.

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