Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Hot 100It's Magic1948-08-141111
Hot 100Nature Boy1948-07-0391
Hot 100Black Coffee1949-06-04134
Hot 100Make Believe (You Are Glad When You're Sorry)1949-10-01205
Hot 100Our Very Own1950-08-05156
Hot 100I'm Crazy To Love You1950-06-03283
Hot 100(I Love The Girl) I Love The Guy1950-09-16107
Hot 100Thinking Of You1950-11-11167
Hot 100I Ran All The Way Home1951-11-10182
Hot 100These Things I Offer You (For A Lifetime)1951-06-021113
Hot 100Vanity1951-08-11192
Hot 100Sinner Or Saint1952-11-08221
Hot 100Make Yourself Comfortable1954-11-27615
Hot 100How Important Can It Be1955-02-26125
Hot 100Whatever Lola Wants1955-04-23611
Hot 100Experience Unnecessary1955-07-16141
Hot 100C'est La Vie1955-11-191115
Hot 100Mr. Wonderful1956-02-111319
Hot 100Banana Boat Song1956-12-29198
Hot 100Hot And Cold Running Tears1956-06-09922
Hot 100It Happened Again1956-10-06729
Hot 100Fabulous Character1956-07-141914
Hot 100Other Woman1956-08-04861
Hot 100Leave It To Love1957-03-02911
Hot 100Passing Strangers1957-07-29827
Hot 100Broken-Hearted Melody1959-07-20719
Hot 100Smooth Operator1959-11-02449
Hot 100Separate Ways1959-05-04961
Hot 100You're My Baby1960-02-15872
Hot 100Eternally /1960-02-08418
Hot 100Serenata1960-10-10826
Hot 100A Lover's Concerto1966-04-02636

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