Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Hot 100(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons1957-12-301711
Hot 100Forever1957-12-23605
Hot 100I'll Come Running Back To You1957-12-231814
Hot 100You Send Me1957-10-21126
Hot 100Summertime1957-11-04814
Hot 100Desire Me1957-12-304712
Hot 100Win Your Love For Me1958-08-042217
Hot 100Love You Most Of All1958-11-172616
Hot 100You Were Made For Me1958-03-24277
Hot 100Lonely Island1958-03-172610
Hot 100Everybody Likes To Cha Cha1959-03-093113
Hot 100There I've Said It Again1959-11-09814
Hot 100Only Sixteen1959-06-083210
Hot 100Sad Mood1960-12-05298
Hot 100Teenage Sonata1960-03-14507
Hot 100Wonderful World1960-05-091215
Hot 100Chain Gang1960-08-15216
Hot 100It's All Right1961-09-25931
Hot 100Cupid1961-06-051712
Hot 100That's It - I Quit - I'm Movin' On1961-03-06318
Hot 100Feel It /1961-09-25567
Hot 100Nothing Can Change This Love /1962-09-291211
Hot 100Somebody Have Mercy1962-10-27706
Hot 100Having A Party /1962-05-261715
Hot 100Twistin' The Night Away1962-02-03915
Hot 100Baby, Baby, Baby1963-02-02667
Hot 100Send Me Some Lovin' /1963-01-26138
Hot 100Another Saturday Night1963-04-201011
Hot 100Frankie And Johnny1963-07-271411
Hot 100Little Red Rooster1963-10-261110
Hot 100Cousin Of Mine /1964-09-26318
Hot 100Tennessee Waltz1964-06-13358
Hot 100Good News1964-01-251110
Hot 100Good Times /1964-06-061110
Hot 100It's Got The Whole World Shakin'1965-04-10417
Hot 100When A Boy Falls In Love1965-06-05525
Hot 100Sugar Dumpling1965-07-24329
Hot 100Shake1965-01-09711
Hot 100Cousin Of Mine [R]1965-01-16734
Hot 100A Change Is Gonna Come1965-01-30317
Hot 100Feel It1966-02-19952
Hot 100Let's Go Steady1966-04-30971

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