Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Black AlbumsEverybody Loves The Sunshine1976100
Black AlbumsMystic Voyage1976130
Black AlbumsVibrations1977110
Black AlbumsLifeline197790
Black AlbumsLet's Do It1978150
Black AlbumsYou Send Me1978160
Black AlbumsFever1979250
Black AlbumsStep In To Our Life1979450
Black AlbumsNo Stranger To Love1980220
Black AlbumsLove Fantasy1980470
Black AlbumsPrime Time1980620
Black AlbumsAfrica, Center Of The World1981430
Black AlbumsFeeling Good1982450
Jazz AlbumsCoffey1973310
Jazz AlbumsRed, Black & Green197350
Jazz AlbumsChange Up The Groove1974300
Jazz AlbumsVirgo Red1974320
Jazz AlbumsA Tear To A Smile197580
Jazz AlbumsMystic Voyage197640
Jazz AlbumsEverybody Loves The Sunshine197660
Jazz AlbumsLifeline197780
Jazz AlbumsVibrations197780
Jazz AlbumsLet's Do It1978100
Jazz AlbumsYou Send Me197840
Jazz AlbumsFever197960
Pop AlbumsChange Up The Groove1974150
Pop AlbumsEverybody Loves The Sunshine1976510
Pop AlbumsMystic Voyage1976900
Pop AlbumsLifeline1977720
Pop AlbumsVibrations1977740
Pop AlbumsLet's Do It1978330
Pop AlbumsYou Send Me1978480
Pop AlbumsFever1979670
Pop AlbumsLove Fantasy1980150
Pop AlbumsNo Stranger To Love1980820
Pop AlbumsAfrica, Center Of The World1981190
Pop AlbumsFeeling Good1982160
Top Contemporary Jazz AlbumsNaste1995110
Top Jazz AlbumsYou Might Be Surprised1986110
Top R&B AlbumsEverybody Loves The Sunshine1976100
Top R&B AlbumsEverybody Loves The Sunshine19761019
Top R&B AlbumsMystic Voyage1976130
Top R&B AlbumsMystic Voyage19761322
Top R&B AlbumsVibrations1977110
Top R&B AlbumsVibrations19771114
Top R&B AlbumsLifeline197790
Top R&B AlbumsLifeline1977927
Top R&B AlbumsLet's Do It19781514
Top R&B AlbumsYou Send Me1978160
Top R&B AlbumsYou Send Me19781629
Top R&B AlbumsNo Stranger To Love19792221
Top R&B AlbumsFever1979250
Top R&B AlbumsFever19792520
Top R&B AlbumsStep Into Our Life1979456
Top R&B AlbumsNo Stranger To Love1980220
Top R&B AlbumsLove Fantasy1980470
Top R&B AlbumsLove Fantasy1980476
Top R&B AlbumsPrime Time1980620
Top R&B AlbumsPrime Time1980625
Top R&B AlbumsAfrica, Center Of The World19814310
Top R&B AlbumsFeeling Good1982456
Top R&B AlbumsYou Might Be Surprised19853132
Top R&B AlbumsIn The Dark1985500
Top R&B AlbumsIn The Dark19855013
Top R&B AlbumsYou Might Be Surprised1986310
Top R&B AlbumsDrive1988600
Top R&B AlbumsDrive1988609
Top R&B AlbumsWake Up1989600
Top R&B AlbumsWake Up19896011
Top R&B AlbumsNaste1995710
Top R&B AlbumsNasté1995713
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsIn The Dark1985500
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsYou Might Be Surprised1986310
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsDrive1988600
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsWake Up1989600
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsNaste1995710
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Black Singles0000-00-0000
Club Play Singles0000-00-0000
Hot Dance Music/Club Play0000-00-0000
Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales0000-00-0000
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks0000-00-0000

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