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Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Hot 100Swanee River Rock1957-10-283415
Hot 100Rockhouse II1958-12-22792
Hot 100The Right Time1959-02-09951
Hot 100I'm Moving On1959-11-094010
Hot 100What'd I Say1959-07-06615
Hot 100Hard Hearted Hannah1960-11-21554
Hot 100Ruby/1960-11-212810
Hot 100Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying1960-02-08952
Hot 100Georgia On My Mind1960-09-26113
Hot 100Come Rain Or Come Shine1960-11-28832
Hot 100Let The Good Times Roll /1960-01-11783
Hot 100Sticks And Stones1960-06-27408
Hot 100Unchain My Heart /1961-11-27912
Hot 100Hit The Road Jack1961-09-11113
Hot 100One Mint Julep1961-03-06813
Hot 100I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town1961-06-19842
Hot 100Them That Got1961-01-16586
Hot 100I've Got News For You /1961-06-19665
Hot 100Born To Lose1962-05-12419
Hot 100Careless Love1962-07-28604
Hot 100I Can't Stop Loving You /1962-05-05118
Hot 100Your Cheating Heart1962-11-17299
Hot 100You Are My Sunshine /1962-11-17712
Hot 100You Don't Know Me /1962-07-28211
Hot 100Hide Nor Hair1962-04-07207
Hot 100At The Club /1962-03-31447
Hot 100Baby, It's Cold Outside1962-03-03912
Hot 100Take These Chains From My Heart1963-04-13811
Hot 100Don't Set Me Free /1963-02-23208
Hot 100Brightest Smile In Town1963-03-09922
Hot 100Without Love (There Is Nothing) /1963-06-22297
Hot 100No One1963-06-22218
Hot 100That Lucky Old Sun1963-12-07209
Hot 100Busted1963-09-07412
Hot 100Baby, Don't You Cry /1964-02-22397
Hot 100My Heart Cries For You1964-02-29387
Hot 100My Baby Don't Dig Me1964-05-30516
Hot 100No One To Cry To /1964-07-18556
Hot 100Smack Dab In The Middle1964-09-26527
Hot 100A Tear Fell1964-08-01505
Hot 100Makin' Whoopee1964-12-12468
Hot 100Cry1965-02-06587
Hot 100I'm A Fool To Care1965-07-17844
Hot 100I Gotta Woman1965-04-17793
Hot 100Crying Time1965-12-11615
Hot 100You're Just About To Lose Your Clown1966-03-26912
Hot 100I Don't Need No Doctor1966-11-26724
Hot 100Let's Go Get Stoned1966-05-28319
Hot 100Together Again /1966-03-26198
Hot 100I Chose To Sing The Blues1966-09-03327
Hot 100Please Say You're Fooling /1966-11-12646
Hot 100Yesterday1967-11-11257
Hot 100I Want To Talk About You1967-03-18981
Hot 100In The Heat Of The Night1967-08-26337
Hot 100Here We Go Again1967-05-201512
Hot 100Listen, They're Playing My Song1968-10-19922
Hot 100Sweet Young Thing Like You /1968-09-28832
Hot 100Come Rain Or Come Shine1968-01-20982
Hot 100Eleanor Rigby /1968-06-083510
Hot 100Understanding1968-06-154612
Hot 100That's A Lie1968-02-24648
Hot 100Let Me Love You1969-05-17942
Hot 100If It Wasn't For Bad Luck1969-01-04776
Hot 100If You Were Mine1970-10-034118
Hot 100Laughin' And Clownin'1970-03-14982
Hot 100Feel So Bad1971-08-28688
Hot 100What Am I Living For1971-12-25547
Hot 100Don't Change On Me1971-03-133611
Hot 100Booty Butt1971-03-203612
Hot 100Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma1972-07-08656
Hot 100I Can Make It Through The Day1973-06-09814
Hot 100Come Live With Me1973-11-17826
Hot 100Living For The City1975-09-13913
Hot 100Baby Grand1987-04-04757
Hot 100I'll Be Good To You1989-11-181816

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