Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Hot 100No Time1996-11-091820
Hot 100Can't Nobody Hold Me Down1997-01-25128
Hot 100It's All About The Benjamins /1997-12-0626
Hot 100Someone1997-07-261920
Hot 100Mo Money, Mo Problems1997-08-02130
Hot 100I'll Be Missing You1997-06-14133
Hot 100Lookin' At Me1998-07-25819
Hot 100Come With Me1998-06-27420
Hot 100Been Around The World1998-01-17415
Hot 100Victory1998-03-211920
Hot 100Satisfy You1999-09-25220
Hot 100All Night Long1999-02-06919
Hot 100Hate Me Now1999-04-24628
Hot 100Notorious B.I.G.1999-12-11827
Hot 100Best Friend2000-02-12595
Hot 100Diddy2001-10-27669
Hot 100Bad Boy For Life2001-07-283312
Hot 100Son Of A Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You)2001-11-242812
Hot 100Let's Get It2001-05-26809
Hot 100Bump, Bump, Bump2002-11-30122
Hot 100I Need A Girl (Part Two)2002-06-08426
Hot 100Pass The Courvoisier Part II2002-03-021120
Hot 100Trade It All2002-08-172018
Hot 100I Do (Wanna Get Close To You)2002-08-035814
Hot 100I Need A Girl (Part One)2002-03-16223
Hot 100Shake Ya Tailfeather2003-06-28130
Hot 100Breathe2004-08-282816
Hot 100I Don't Wanna Know2004-02-21230

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