Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Black AlbumsDust Yourself Off1975540
Black AlbumsAccept No Substitutes1976320
Black AlbumsJoyous1977340
Black AlbumsGet To The Feeling1978420
Black AlbumsFuture Now1979130
Black AlbumsSpecial Things1980270
Black AlbumsGive It Up1982300
Pop AlbumsAccept No Substitutes1976160
Pop AlbumsJoyous1977110
Pop AlbumsGet To The Feeling1978110
Pop AlbumsFuture Now1979670
Pop AlbumsSpecial Things1980970
Pop AlbumsGive It Up1982160
Top R&B AlbumsDust Yourself Off1975540
Top R&B AlbumsAccept No Substitutes1976320
Top R&B AlbumsJoyous1977340
Top R&B AlbumsGet To The Feeling1978420
Top R&B AlbumsFuture Now1979130
Top R&B AlbumsSpecial Things1980270
Top R&B AlbumsGive It Up1982300
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks

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