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Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Hot 100All For You1943-12-11191
Hot 100Straighten Up And Fly Right1944-06-0395
Hot 100I Can't See For Lookin'1944-05-06241
Hot 100Gee, Baby, Ain't I Good To You1944-11-18201
Hot 100The Frim Fram Sauce1946-01-05191
Hot 100The Best Man1946-11-16143
Hot 100(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons1946-11-09125
Hot 100You Call It Madness (But I Call It Love)1946-09-07101
Hot 100(Get Your Kicks On) Route 661946-08-03112
Hot 100Harmony1947-11-08121
Hot 100('Cause Henry Don't Eat No Meat)1947-10-25121
Hot 100The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You) [R]1948-12-25241
Hot 100(And Throw 'Em In The Deep Blue Sea)1948-07-17301
Hot 100Nature Boy1948-04-17118
Hot 100I Almost Lost My Mind1950-04-01261
Hot 100Frosty The Snow Man1950-12-3091
Hot 100Orange Colored Sky1950-09-30514
Hot 100Home (When Shadows Fall)1950-09-02221
Hot 100Mona Lisa1950-06-10127
Hot 100Always You1951-04-07282
Hot 100Jet1951-02-10202
Hot 100Too Young1951-04-14129
Hot 100Unforgettable1951-11-031215
Hot 100Because Of Rain1951-06-09174
Hot 100Red Sails In The Sunset1951-05-19242
Hot 100Because You're Mine1952-09-27165
Hot 100Funny (Not Much)1952-08-16261
Hot 100The Ruby And The Pearl1952-10-11252
Hot 100I'm Never Satisfied1952-10-18221
Hot 100Faith Can Move Mountains1952-10-11244
Hot 100Walkin' My Baby Back Home1952-07-05812
Hot 100Somewhere Along The Way1952-05-31825
Hot 100Return To Paradise1953-07-25151
Hot 100I Am In Love1953-06-27191
Hot 100Strange1953-01-31201
Hot 100Pretend1953-02-07221
Hot 100Can't I1953-04-04163
Hot 100Lover, Come Back To Me!1953-11-14163
Hot 100A Fool Was I1953-08-22171
Hot 100Answer Me, My Love1954-02-13619
Hot 100Hajji Baba (Persian Lament)1954-11-13147
Hot 100Smile1954-09-181011
Hot 100Make Her Mine1954-07-24192
Hot 100It Happens To Be Me1954-05-01162
Hot 100My One Sin1955-07-16242
Hot 100If I May1955-05-21218
Hot 100Blossom Fell /1955-05-07220
Hot 100Sand And The Sea1955-03-051015
Hot 100Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup /1955-03-05716
Hot 100Forgive My Heart1955-10-221314
Hot 100Take Me Back To Toyland1955-12-31478
Hot 100Someone You Love /1955-10-221316
Hot 100Too Young To Go Steady1956-04-072112
Hot 100That's All There Is To That /1956-07-071620
Hot 100Nothing Ever Changes My Love For You1956-02-25726
Hot 100Ask Me1956-02-111811
Hot 100I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out Of My Life1956-01-14575
Hot 100My Dream Sonata1956-07-07598
Hot 100To The Ends Of The Earth1956-10-272513
Hot 100Never Let Me Go1956-04-21796
Hot 100Night Lights /1956-10-271118
Hot 100Ballerina/1957-02-091813
Hot 100Send For Me /1957-06-17627
Hot 100You Are My First Love1957-02-09656
Hot 100My Personal Possession1957-06-172115
Hot 100Stardust1957-05-06794
Hot 100With You On My Mind1957-09-233014
Hot 100When Rock 'N Roll Comes To Trinidad /1957-04-29487
Hot 100Come Closer To Me1958-07-213811
Hot 100Nothing In The World1958-08-11991
Hot 100Non Dimenticar1958-10-134511
Hot 100Looking Back /1958-04-14517
Hot 100Do I Like It?1958-01-14676
Hot 100Angel Smile1958-01-273313
Hot 100Give Me Your Love /1959-02-02824
Hot 100Madrid1959-02-02853
Hot 100You Made Me Love You1959-05-04459
Hot 100I Must Be Dreaming1959-05-25694
Hot 100Midnight Flyer1959-08-035112
Hot 100Sweet Bird Of Youth1959-08-31952
Hot 100Time And The River /1960-02-01308
Hot 100What 'Cha Gonna Do1960-03-07922
Hot 100My Love1960-08-01478
Hot 100The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)1960-12-12802
Hot 100If I Knew1960-12-31862
Hot 100Take A Fool's Advice1961-06-26717
Hot 100The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You) [R]1962-12-15653
Hot 100Dear Lonely Hearts1962-11-101311
Hot 100Ramblin' Rose1962-08-04216
Hot 100Mr. Wishing Well1963-09-14923
Hot 100That Sunday, That Summer /1963-08-311213
Hot 100Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days Of Summer1963-05-11612
Hot 100All Over The World1963-03-02429
Hot 100L-O-V-E1964-09-26814
Hot 100I Don't Want To See Tomorrow /1964-09-19349
Hot 100I Don't Want To Be Hurt Anymore1964-04-25229
Hot 100People /1964-04-111001
Hot 100My True Carrie Love1964-02-22496
Hot 100Let Me Tell You, Babe1966-08-06904

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