Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Hot 100Baby We've Got Love1963-11-30981
Hot 100Part Time Love1963-08-171913
Hot 100Somebody's Sleeping In My Bed1967-12-16952
Hot 100Who's Making Love1968-10-26514
Hot 100Take Care Of Your Homework1969-01-18209
Hot 100I Could Never Be President1969-08-09487
Hot 100Love Bones1969-12-204310
Hot 100I Wanna Testify1969-05-10369
Hot 100I Am Somebody, Part II1970-10-17399
Hot 100Steal Away1970-06-063710
Hot 100Jody Got Your Girl And Gone1971-01-162810
Hot 100Hijackin' Love1971-08-28646
Hot 100I Don't Wanna Lose You1971-05-22863
Hot 100Everybody Knows About My Good Thing1971-12-11608
Hot 100Standing In For Jody1972-01-22747
Hot 100Cheaper To Keep Her1973-10-131511
Hot 100I Believe In You (You Believe In Me)1973-06-231116
Hot 100I've Been Born Again1974-06-29784
Hot 100We're Getting Careless With Our Love1974-01-263410
Hot 100Disco Lady1976-02-07119
Hot 100Somebody's Gettin' It1976-06-05337
Hot 100Love Is Better In The A.M.1977-02-26777
Hot 100Disco 90001977-10-01862

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