LIGHT OF THE WORLD members are Nat Augustin, Gee Bello.LIGHT OF THE WORLD is a member of The Team. LIGHT OF THE WORLD released Five albums from 1979 till 1999. The first album LIGHT OF THE WORLD released in the seventies is 'Light Of The World' on ENSIGN Records. Other albums that LIGHT OF THE WORLD recorded are 'Check Us Out', 'Round Trip', 'Remixed'. From 1979 till 1985 LIGHT OF THE WORLD released also thirteen singles. The first single LIGHT OF THE WORLD released in the seventies is 'Light Of The World' on ENSIGN LTD. Records. Other released tracks are 'London Town (1985 / ENSIGN)', 'Check Us Out (1982 / EMI LTD.)', 'Famous Faces (1981 / EMI LTD.)', 'I Shot The Sheriff (1980 / ENSIGN LTD.)'.

Light of the World (LOTW) was formed by Jean-Paul (Bluey) Maunick (from Incognito fame) and Johnny Rocca (from the group Freeez. after working together in a London record store.

After practicing in the basement of a hairdressers in East London for six months they formed Freeez. But soon after their first single Bluey left with some fellow members because he wanted to concentrate more on a gospel sound, hence Light of the World were born.

The original lineup contained :

Jean-Paul (Bluey) Maunick: Guitars & Backing Vocals
Nevil (Breeze) McKrieth: Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals
Paul (Tubbs) Williams: Bass Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals
Peter (Stepper) Hinds: Keyboards
Everton McCalla: Drums
Ganiyu (Gee) Bello: Percussion, Lead & Backing Vocals
Nathaniel (Nat) Augustin: Trombone, Lead & Backing Vocals
Canute (Kennie) Wellington: Trumpet, Flugel Horn, Backing Vocals
David (Baps) Baptiste: Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Backing Vocals

LOTW were spotted by Chris Hill (DJ and record executive) who immediately signed them to his newly formed record label Ensign.

Their first single Swingin' was released and went straight into the UK top 30 charts and immediately guaranteed an appearance on the BBC's TV programme Top Of The Pops on 12th April 1979. They were also featured on TOTPs on 15th January 1981 with I Shot The Sheriff and again with Time on 2nd April 1981.

Their second single Midnight Groovin' didn't make the charts and was also taken from their debut album Light of the World.

LOTW were reknown for their live stage shows, as their first major gig at the Hammersmith Odeon, London proved, by completely upstaging The Players Association who they were supporting.

In 1980 Bluey left LOTW to form Incognito featuring also Gee, Tubbs & Stepper from LOTW.

Incognito released their first single Parisienne Girl followed by their classic album Jazz Funk in 1981.

LOTW continued with their second album without Bluey entitled Round Trip. This turned out to be their most successful album containing the hits London Town, I Shot The Sheriff and Time.

In 1981 another three members (Kennie, Baps & Breeze) of LOTW left to form Beggar & Co. They had an immediate hit with (Somebody) Help Me Out. Their second hit was with Mule (Chant No. 2) and featured Spandau Ballet. Both tracks came from the Beggar & Co album Monument.

Also in 1981 Ensign released the Remixed album containing one new track and remixes of their hits.

In 1982 only three members of LOTW (Gee, Nat & Tubbs) were left for their fourth album Check Us Out with a switch to EMI records. This album spawned the hits Check Us Out and No. 1 Girl.

Also in 1982 Incognito released their second album under the name The Warriors called Behind The Mask (featuring Tubbs & Stepper again).

The London Town '85 remix was released by Ensign and became a hit all over again.

Also in 1985 Baps, Breeze, Gee & Tubbs formed the group called The Team and released Wicki Wacky House Party.

After this period, things went quiet for several years with only a couple of singles and a move to Cool Tempo records. Nat & Gee went on to have solo careers and the rest became session musicians.

In 1992 Ensign released The Best of Light Of The World album.

In 1994 Music Club released The Best of Light Of The World album featuring different tracks than Ensign.

In 1995 The Very Best of Light Of The World feat. Beggar & Co and Incognito was released on More Music featuring tracks from all three groups.

Then just when you thought LOTW had disappeared for good, THEY ARE BACK with a NEW ALBUM called INNER VOICES on Sanctuary Records (CD ARTS 01).

Kennie, Baps, Nat & Breeze have now reformed the band with new member Frank Felix on bass and with Gee & Stepper also helping out. Add/Complete Bio


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