Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Hot 100No Love (But Your Love)1957-12-162110
Hot 100Wild Is The Wind1957-12-162218
Hot 100It's Not For Me To Say1957-04-29534
Hot 100Chances Are1957-09-16128
Hot 100Wonderful, Wonderful1957-02-091439
Hot 100The Twelfth Of Never1957-10-14917
Hot 100Come To Me1958-02-102213
Hot 100Teacher, Teacher1958-05-052111
Hot 100All The Time1958-04-212114
Hot 100A Certain Smile1958-06-301414
Hot 100Call Me1958-09-292115
Hot 100Someone1959-03-233513
Hot 100Small World1959-06-152015
Hot 100Let's Love /1959-01-05449
Hot 100The Best Of Everything1959-11-16625
Hot 100You Are Beautiful1959-01-05605
Hot 100Story Of Our Love1959-10-12932
Hot 100Misty1959-10-051217
Hot 100Starbright1960-02-292511
Hot 100My Love For You1960-08-294711
Hot 100Maria1960-05-30784
Hot 100How To Handle A Woman1960-12-26643
Hot 100Wasn't The Summer Short?1961-10-23891
Hot 100Maria [R]1961-12-11883
Hot 100Gina1962-09-22612
Hot 100Sweet Thursday1962-03-17992
Hot 100Marianna1962-06-16861
Hot 100What Will Mary Say1963-01-26912
Hot 100Every Step Of The Way1963-05-25307
Hot 100Your Teen-Age Dreams /1963-10-12687
Hot 100Sooner Or Later1963-09-07843
Hot 100Come Back1963-10-12616
Hot 100I'll Search My Heart1963-12-14904
Hot 100Taste Of Tears1964-06-20873
Hot 100Listen Lonely Girl1964-10-24628
Hot 100Bye Bye Barbara1964-02-01537
Hot 100On A Clear Day You Can See Forever1965-12-18982
Hot 100A Time For Us1969-07-26963
Hot 100Life Is A Song Worth Singing1973-12-295412
Hot 100I'm Coming Home1973-09-227510
Hot 100Too Much, Too Little, Too Late1978-04-01118
Hot 100You're All I Need To Get By1978-07-29478
Hot 100Friends In Love1982-04-173813
Hot 100Simple1984-06-23818

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