Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Hot 100Reet Petite1957-11-046210
Hot 100Lonely Teardrops1958-11-24721
Hot 100We Have Love1958-09-22932
Hot 100To Be Loved1958-04-142215
Hot 100Talk That Talk1959-11-233412
Hot 100You Better Know It1959-09-073710
Hot 100That's Why1959-03-231313
Hot 100I'll Be Satisfied1959-06-222012
Hot 100A Woman, A Lover, A Friend1960-07-111512
Hot 100Doggin' Around1960-04-041516
Hot 100Am I The Man1960-10-243210
Hot 100(You Were Made For) All My Love /1960-07-111213
Hot 100Night /1960-03-21417
Hot 100Alone At Last /1960-10-10815
Hot 100Your One And Only Love1961-03-13406
Hot 100Lonely Life1961-06-12801
Hot 100I'm Comin' On Back To You /1961-06-12198
Hot 100Years From Now /1961-08-21376
Hot 100You Don't Know What It Means1961-10-02793
Hot 100The Way I Am1961-10-23586
Hot 100My Heart Belongs To Only You /1961-10-23656
Hot 100Please Tell Me Why /1961-03-13208
Hot 100Tear Of The Year1961-01-23447
Hot 100My Empty Arms /1961-01-0999
Hot 100There'll Be No Next Time1962-01-20753
Hot 100Forever And A Day1962-09-22824
Hot 100I Found Love1962-04-21931
Hot 100The Greatest Hurt /1962-01-13349
Hot 100Hearts1962-04-28586
Hot 100I Just Can't Help It1962-07-07704
Hot 100Baby Get It (And Don't Quit It)1963-09-21615
Hot 100Shake, Shake, Shake1963-07-13338
Hot 100Baby Workout1963-03-09512
Hot 100Shake A Hand1963-05-25427
Hot 100Squeeze Her - Tease Her (But Love Her)1964-08-22892
Hot 100Big Boss Line1964-05-23941
Hot 100Danny Boy1965-02-27943
Hot 100I Believe I'll Love On1965-10-23962
Hot 100No Pity (In The Naked City)1965-07-035910
Hot 100Whispers1966-10-151112
Hot 100Think Twice1966-01-15931
Hot 100Since You Showed Me How To Be Happy1967-11-25326
Hot 100I've Lost You1967-05-06824
Hot 100I Don't Want To Lose You1967-03-04843
Hot 100Higher And Higher1967-08-12612
Hot 100Just Be Sincere /1967-02-11913
Hot 100For Your Precious Love1968-02-17497
Hot 100Chain Gang1968-04-27845
Hot 100I Get The Sweetest Feeling1968-07-20348
Hot 100For Once In My Life1968-11-02703
Hot 100This Love Is Real1970-12-195611
Hot 100Let This Be A Letter (To My Baby)1970-05-16912
Hot 100Love Is Funny That Way1971-11-27953
Hot 100You Got Me Walking1972-02-26933

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