Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Black AlbumsHot Buttered Soul196910
Black AlbumsThe Isaac Hayes Movement197010
Black AlbumsTo Be Continued197010
Black AlbumsShaft197110
Black AlbumsBlack Moses197210
Black AlbumsIn The Beginning1972250
Black AlbumsLive At The Sahara Tahoe197310
Black AlbumsJoy197320
Black AlbumsTruck Turner1974170
Black AlbumsChocolate Chip197510
Black AlbumsThe Best Of Isaac Hayes1975570
Black AlbumsGroove-A-Thon1976110
Black AlbumsJuicy Fruit (Disco Freak)1976180
Black AlbumsDisco Connection1976190
Black AlbumsA Man And A Woman1977200
Black AlbumsNew Horizon1977260
Black AlbumsFor The Sake Of Love1979150
Black AlbumsRoyal Rappin's1979170
Black AlbumsDon't Let Go197990
Black AlbumsAnd Once Again1980260
Jazz AlbumsHot Buttered Soul196910
Jazz AlbumsThe Isaac Hayes Movement197010
Jazz AlbumsTo Be Continued197010
Jazz AlbumsShaft197110
Jazz AlbumsBlack Moses197220
Pop AlbumsHot Buttered Soul196980
Pop AlbumsTo Be Continued1970110
Pop AlbumsThe Isaac Hayes Movement197080
Pop AlbumsShaft197110
Pop AlbumsBlack Moses1972100
Pop AlbumsIn The Beginning1972100
Pop AlbumsLive At The Sahara Tahoe1973140
Pop AlbumsJoy1973160
Pop AlbumsTough Guys1974140
Pop AlbumsTruck Turner1974150
Pop AlbumsThe Best Of Isaac Hayes1975160
Pop AlbumsChocolate Chip1975180
Pop AlbumsJuicy Fruit (Disco Freak)1976120
Pop AlbumsGroove-A-Thon1976450
Pop AlbumsDisco Connection1976850
Pop AlbumsA Man And A Woman1977490
Pop AlbumsNew Horizon1978780
Pop AlbumsFor The Sake Of Love1979750
Pop AlbumsRoyal Rappin's1979800
Pop AlbumsDon't Let Go1980390
Pop AlbumsAnd Once Again1980590
Top R&B AlbumsHot Buttered Soul196910
Top R&B AlbumsThe Isaac Hayes Movement197010
Top R&B AlbumsTo Be Continued197010
Top R&B AlbumsShaft197110
Top R&B AlbumsBlack Moses197210
Top R&B AlbumsLive At The Sahara Tahoe197310
Top R&B AlbumsJoy197320
Top R&B AlbumsChocolate Chip197510
Top R&B AlbumsGroove-A-Thon1976110
Top R&B AlbumsJuicy Fruit (Disco Freak)1976180
Top R&B AlbumsDisco Connection1976190
Top R&B AlbumsA Man And A Woman1977200
Top R&B AlbumsNew Horizon1977260
Top R&B AlbumsFor The Sake Of Love1979150
Top R&B AlbumsAnd Once Again1980260
Top R&B AlbumsU-Turn1987320
Top R&B AlbumsLove Attack1988700
Top R&B AlbumsBranded1995750
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsU-Turn1987320
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsLove Attack1988700
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsBranded1995750
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Adult Contemporary0000-00-0000
Black Singles0000-00-0000
Club Play Singles0000-00-0000
Disco Singles0000-00-0000
Hot 100By The Time I Get To Phoenix1969-08-30378
Hot 100I Stand Accused1970-08-29429
Hot 100Theme From Shaft1971-10-16113
Hot 100The Look Of Love1971-02-13795
Hot 100Never Can Say Goodbye1971-05-15229
Hot 100Let's Stay Together1972-04-01487
Hot 100Ain't That Loving You1972-05-13864
Hot 100Do Your Thing1972-02-263011
Hot 100Theme From &The Men&1972-10-21389
Hot 100Joy1973-12-22309
Hot 100Wonderful1974-05-04718
Hot 100Chocolate Chip1975-08-23922
Hot 100Don't Let Go1979-10-271821
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks0000-00-0000
Pop Singles0000-00-0000

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