Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Black AlbumsRise197960
Black AlbumsBeyond1980260
Black AlbumsMagic Man1981390
Jazz AlbumsThe Main Event1978310
Jazz AlbumsHerb Alpert/Hugh Masekela197870
Jazz AlbumsRise197910
Jazz AlbumsBeyond198060
Jazz AlbumsMagic Man1981100
Jazz AlbumsFandango1982200
Jazz AlbumsBlow Your Own Horn1983130
Pop AlbumsWhipped Cream & Other Delights196510
Pop AlbumsGoing Places196610
Pop AlbumsWhat Now My Love196610
Pop AlbumsThe Lonely Bull1966100
Pop AlbumsHerb Alpert's Tijuana Brass, Volume 21966170
Pop AlbumsS.R.O.196620
Pop AlbumsSouth Of The Border196660
Pop AlbumsSounds Like196710
Pop AlbumsChristmas Album196810
Pop AlbumsThe Beat Of The Brass196810
Pop AlbumsHerb Alpert's Ninth196840
Pop AlbumsWarm1969280
Pop AlbumsThe Brass Are Comin'1970300
Pop AlbumsGreatest Hits1970430
Pop AlbumsSummertime1971110
Pop AlbumsSolid Brass1972130
Pop AlbumsFoursider1973190
Pop AlbumsYou Smile-The Song Begins1974660
Pop AlbumsConey Island1975880
Pop AlbumsHerb Alpert/Hugh Masekela1978650
Pop AlbumsRise197960
Pop AlbumsBeyond1980280
Pop AlbumsMagic Man1981610
Pop AlbumsFandango1982100
Pop AlbumsBlow Your Own Horn1983120
The Billboard 200Blow Your Own Horn1983160
The Billboard 200Bullish1984810
The Billboard 200Wild Romance1985150
The Billboard 200Keep Your Eye On Me1987180
Top Contemporary Jazz AlbumsKeep Your Eye On Me1987160
Top Contemporary Jazz AlbumsMidnight Sun1992140
Top Contemporary Jazz AlbumsSecond Wind199650
Top Contemporary Jazz AlbumsPassion Dance199770
Top Contemporary Jazz AlbumsColors1999250
Top Contemporary Jazz AlbumsDefinitive Hits200130
Top Jazz AlbumsBlow Your Own Horn1983170
Top R&B AlbumsBlow Your Own Horn000000
Top R&B AlbumsFandango000000
Top R&B AlbumsKeep Your Eye On Me000000
Top R&B AlbumsRise1979631
Top R&B AlbumsBeyond19802611
Top R&B AlbumsFandango1982526
Top R&B AlbumsBlow Your Own Horn1983499
Top R&B AlbumsBlow Your Own Horn1983670
Top R&B AlbumsKeep Your Eye On Me1987530
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsNorth On South St.1991510
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Adult Contemporary0000-00-0000
Black Singles0000-00-0000
Club Play Singles0000-00-0000
Hot 100The Lonely Bull1962-10-27614
Hot 100Marching Thru Madrid1963-03-30961
Hot 100Mexican Drummer Man1964-03-28775
Hot 100The Mexican Shuffle1964-06-27855
Hot 100A Taste Of Honey1965-09-25716
Hot 100The Third Man Theme /1965-09-11476
Hot 100Whipped Cream1965-02-206810
Hot 100Zorba The Greek /1965-12-251112
Hot 100Tijuana Taxi1965-12-25388
Hot 100Flamingo1966-09-03286
Hot 100Mame1966-11-19198
Hot 100Spanish Flea /1966-03-19277
Hot 100What Now My Love1966-03-19248
Hot 100The Work Song1966-07-02188
Hot 100The Happening1967-07-08325
Hot 100A Banda1967-09-09356
Hot 100Wade In The Water1967-03-11375
Hot 100Casino Royale1967-04-08279
Hot 100My Favorite Things1968-12-14456
Hot 100To Wait For Love1968-08-31516
Hot 100Carmen1968-01-13516
Hot 100This Guy's In Love With You1968-05-18114
Hot 100Cabaret1968-04-20726
Hot 100Zazuera1969-03-29785
Hot 100Without Her1969-05-31636
Hot 100Jerusalem1970-10-17744
Hot 100Last Tango In Paris1973-03-10778
Hot 100Fox Hunt1974-05-18846
Hot 100Rise1979-07-28125
Hot 100Rotation1979-11-173013
Hot 100Beyond1980-06-28508
Hot 100Magic Man1981-09-05795
Hot 100Route 1011982-06-263710
Hot 100Garden Party1983-08-20814
Hot 100Red Hot1983-12-10775
Hot 100Bullish1984-09-15902
Hot 100Diamonds1987-04-11519
Hot 100Keep Your Eye On Me1987-02-284610
Hot 100Making Love In The Rain1987-07-183514
Hot Dance Music/Club Play0000-00-0000
Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales0000-00-0000
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks0000-00-0000
Pop Singles0000-00-0000
The Billboard Hot 1000000-00-0000

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