G.Q. members are Emanuel Rahiem, Keith Sweat. G.Q. released Three albums from 1979 till 1981. The first album G.Q. released in the seventies is 'Disco Nights' on ARISTA Records. Other albums that G.Q. recorded are 'Face To Face', 'Two'. Three albums of G.Q. reached the billboard Top R&B Albums chart. The highest charted album was 'Face To Face' from 1981. This album debuted 21 November 1981 on the Top R&B Albums chart and reached number 18 and lasts 17 weeks on this chart. Other charted albums are `Disco Nights' #2 (Top R&B Albums) and `Two' #9 (Top R&B Albums) From 1979 till 1984 G.Q. released also seven singles. The first single G.Q. released in the seventies is 'Disco Nights (Rock Freak)' on ARISTA Records. Other released tracks are 'Shake (1981 / ARISTA)', 'You Are The One For Me (1984 / STADIUM)', 'Standing Ovation (1979 / ARISTA)'.

Emanuel Rahiem LeBLanc grew up in the bronx where he met the Bass player Keith "Sabu" Crier. Story is that this could be the later known Keith Sweat. The hooked up and they did school/party gigs.

The first record they made is "Soul on Your Side" under the name Rhythm Makers. Their manager, Tony Lopez, renamed the group to GQ (Gentleman's Quarterly/Good Quality) because he thought the should have a new image. First they were a club band, playing an average of five nights a week in various clubs around NY.

GQ members are (on first two albums): Emanuel Rahiem LeBLanc on Lead and Rhythm guitar and Lead vocals. Keith "Sabu" Crier on Bass and vocals. Paul service on drums and vocals. Herb Lane keyboards and vocals.

The setup of GQ changed on their third album and was almost the same. Only the drummer was replaced by others like HOward King and Chris Parker.

In 1984 they recorded their last single 'You Are The One For Me' before Keith goes solo.

Emanuel Rahiem LeBlanc recorded also an album 'Always Be Around' on Capitol records in 1991.

From allmusic: "Confusion abounds about the Rhythm Makers/GQ, as some online biographies state that Keith Sweat was an original member -- age-wise, this is impossible; it's more plausible, however, that Keith Sabu Crier is Keith Sweat's uncle, as the hit-maker with the whining style's birth name was Keith Crier. In addition, Raheim sang background on Sweats' early solo albums and influenced the way the he sings."

My opinion: age-wise he is in 1979 18 years old so he could be the Keith. Indeed Rahiem LeBlanc did background vocals on his first album, so there is a connection.

Some thank words from the sleeve (Make It Last forever): To the artists who have contributed their talent to these songs, i.e. Mtume, who limped into the mix and Those guys from G.Q. guys, Rahiem LeBlanc and Herb Lane ...

Members of the G.q. are: Emanuel Rahiem Keith Sweat
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