Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Hot 100Ain't That A Shame1955-07-161018
Hot 100Bo Weevil1956-03-03359
Hot 100When My Dreamboat Comes Home1956-07-281416
Hot 100So-Long1956-07-284413
Hot 100Blueberry Hill1956-10-06227
Hot 100My Blue Heaven1956-04-281920
Hot 100I'm In Love Again1956-04-28323
Hot 100When I See You1957-08-122910
Hot 100What Will I Tell My Heart?1957-08-12646
Hot 100Blue Monday1957-01-05518
Hot 100It's You I Love1957-05-27612
Hot 100I'm Walkin'1957-03-09414
Hot 100What's The Reason (I'm Not Pleasing You)1957-01-125010
Hot 100Valley Of Tears1957-05-13818
Hot 100I Want You To Know1957-12-303211
Hot 100The Big Beat1957-12-23269
Hot 100I Still Love You1957-10-28794
Hot 100Wait And See1957-10-212313
Hot 100No, No1958-05-05557
Hot 100Young School Girl1958-09-22921
Hot 100Coquette1958-11-17921
Hot 100Little Mary1958-07-07496
Hot 100Whole Lotta Loving /1958-11-17615
Hot 100Yes, My Darling1958-03-17557
Hot 100Sick And Tired1958-05-052211
Hot 100I'm Ready /1959-05-111611
Hot 100Margie1959-05-11518
Hot 100When The Saints Go Marching In /1959-02-16508
Hot 100Telling Lies1959-02-16509
Hot 100Be My Guest /1959-10-26339
Hot 100I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday /1959-07-271713
Hot 100I Want To Walk You Home1959-08-10813
Hot 100I've Been Around1959-10-26814
Hot 100My Girl Josephine /1960-10-241415
Hot 100Don't Come Knockin'1960-06-272111
Hot 100Before I Grow Too Old1960-05-09842
Hot 100Natural Born Lover1960-10-31389
Hot 100Walking To New Orleans /1960-06-20614
Hot 100Country Boy /1960-02-012510
Hot 100Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey1960-09-05586
Hot 100Three Nights A Week /1960-09-051511
Hot 100Tell Me That You Love Me /1960-04-25517
Hot 100If You Need Me1960-02-15981
Hot 100I Hear You Knocking /1961-12-04672
Hot 100Shu Rah1961-03-20327
Hot 100What A Price /1961-01-23229
Hot 100Ain't That Just Like A Woman1961-01-23338
Hot 100Jambalaya1961-12-11307
Hot 100Fell In Love On Monday /1961-03-20326
Hot 100Rockin' Bicycle1961-10-16831
Hot 100What A Party /1961-10-02228
Hot 100It Keeps Rainin'1961-05-152311
Hot 100Let The Four Winds Blow1961-07-241511
Hot 100You Win Again /1962-02-242210
Hot 100Nothing New (Same Old Thing)1962-06-30775
Hot 100My Real Name1962-05-12597
Hot 100Dance With Mr. Domino1962-07-21981
Hot 100Did You Ever See A Dream Walking1962-10-06795
Hot 100Ida Jane1962-03-03902
Hot 100There Goes (My Heart Again)1963-05-18597
Hot 100Red Sails In The Sunset1963-09-21358
Hot 100Sally Was A Good Old Girl1964-09-19992
Hot 100Who Cares1964-01-04635
Hot 100Lazy Lady1964-02-29862
Hot 100Heartbreak Hill1964-10-31992
Hot 100Lady Madonna1968-09-071002

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