EDWIN STARR was born in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A. on 21 January, 1942. EDWIN STARR released Eleven albums from 1970 till 1991. The first album EDWIN STARR released in the seventies is 'War And Peace' on GORDY Records. Other albums that EDWIN STARR recorded are 'Superstar Series', 'Involved', 'Hell Up In Harlem Film Soundtrack'. Sixteen albums of EDWIN STARR reached the billboard Pop Albums chart. The highest charted album was 'Happy Radio' from 1979. This album debuted in 1979 on the Pop Albums chart and reached number 11 and lasts 0 weeks on this chart. Other charted albums are `Involved' #17 (Pop Albums) and `Clean' #22 (Black Albums) and `Free To Be Myself' #43 (Black Albums) and `Happy Radio' #44 (Black Albums) and `Involved' #45 (Black Albums) and `War & Peace' #52 (Pop Albums) and `25 Miles' #73 (Pop Albums) and `Clean' #80 (Pop Albums) and `25 Miles' #9 (Black Albums) and `War & Peace' #9 (Black Albums) From 1965 till 1991 EDWIN STARR released also thirty zero singles. The first single EDWIN STARR released in the is 'Agent Double-0-Soul' on Records. Other released tracks are 'It Ain't Fair (1985 / HIPPODROME)', 'Whatever Makes Our Love Grow (1988 / 10 )', 'I Just Wanna Do My Thing (1977 / 20TH CENTURY FOX)', 'Contact (1978 / 20TH CENTURY FOX)'.

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