Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Black AlbumsEverything Is Everything1971330
Black AlbumsDonny Hathaway197160
Black AlbumsRoberta Flack & Donny Hathaway197220
Black AlbumsDonny Hathaway Live197240
Black AlbumsExtension of a Man1973180
Black AlbumsThe Best Of Donny Hathaway1978510
Black AlbumsRoberta Flack Featuring Donny Hathaway198040
Black AlbumsIn Performance1980680
Jazz AlbumsDonny Hathaway1971130
Jazz AlbumsDonny Hathaway Live1972100
Jazz AlbumsRoberta Flack & Donny Hathaway1972100
Jazz AlbumsRoberta Flack Featuring Donny Hathaway198090
Pop AlbumsEverything Is Everything1971730
Pop AlbumsDonny Hathaway1971890
Pop AlbumsDonny Hathaway Live1972180
Pop AlbumsRoberta Flack & Donny Hathaway197230
Pop AlbumsExtension of a Man1973690
Pop AlbumsRoberta Flack Featuring Donny Hathaway1980250
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Black Singles0000-00-0000
Pop Singles0000-00-0000

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