Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Hot 100Remember Me1970-12-261610
Hot 100Reach Out And Touch1970-04-25209
Hot 100Ain't No Mountain High Enough1970-08-08114
Hot 100Surrender1971-08-14388
Hot 100I'm Still Waiting1971-11-06635
Hot 100Reach Out I'll Be There1971-05-01297
Hot 100You're A Special Part Of Me1973-10-061212
Hot 100Touch Me In The Morning1973-06-02121
Hot 100Good Morning Heartache1973-01-133413
Hot 100Last Time I Saw Him1974-01-051414
Hot 100Sleepin'1974-05-11705
Hot 100My Mistake Was To Love You1974-02-231916
Hot 100Don't Knock My Love1974-07-13469
Hot 100Theme From &Mahogany&1975-11-01117
Hot 100I Thought It Took A Little Time1976-03-20477
Hot 100Love Hangover1976-04-03118
Hot 100One Love In My Lifetime1976-08-072512
Hot 100Gettin' Ready For Love1977-11-052713
Hot 100Ease On Down The Road1978-09-09419
Hot 100You Got It1978-05-06497
Hot 100Your Love Is So Good To Me1978-03-04497
Hot 100The Boss1979-07-141916
Hot 100Pops, We Love You1979-01-20598
Hot 100It's My Turn1980-10-25921
Hot 100Upside Down1980-07-12129
Hot 100I'm Coming Out1980-09-06523
Hot 100Why Do Fools Fall In Love1981-10-17720
Hot 100One More Chance1981-04-11795
Hot 100Endless Love1981-07-11127
Hot 100Work That Body1982-04-10447
Hot 100Muscles1982-10-021017
Hot 100Mirror Mirror1982-01-09814
Hot 100Let's Go Up1983-12-17776
Hot 100Pieces Of Ice1983-06-253110
Hot 100So Close1983-02-054010
Hot 100Swept Away1984-09-011914
Hot 100All Of You1984-07-071916
Hot 100Missing You1984-12-011027
Hot 100Eaten Alive1985-09-21777
Hot 100Chain Reaction1985-11-30953
Hot 100Chain Reaction [R]1986-05-03668

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