DAZZLE released Two albums from 1979 till 1981. The first album DAZZLE released in the seventies is 'Dazzle' on DE-LITE (POLYGRAM) Records. Other albums that DAZZLE recorded are 'Layin' In The Shade'. From 1979 till 1989 DAZZLE released also three singles. The first single DAZZLE released in the seventies is 'Walk Before You Run' on DE-LITE (POLYGRAM) Records. Other released tracks are 'Dazzle You (1989 / JAM TODAY)', 'Only You (1989 / JAM TODAY)',

Dazzle was one of several studio projects that featured the keyboardist, vocalist, producer, and arranger LeRoy Burgess. With strings and horns arranged by longtime mentor and underground disco phenom Patrick Adams, and with production duties split with Stan Lucas, Burgess delivered a full-length disco album for the De-Lite label in 1979. Dazzle was a strong album that featured "Reaching" and "You Dazzle Me," two singles that were warmly received on dance floors. Though the record wasn't the funkiest thing Burgess kicked out during his prolific career, its uplifting spirit and exquisitely arrangements have helped make it a favorite of Burgess followers.

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