In 1985 Dave Karl released only one single. The first single DAVE KARL, released in the eighties, is 'I Don't Play Those Games' on LOGIC Records.

Written by Dave Karl:

Dave Karl is the artist name for David Sherwood, the producer, writer of "I Don't Play Those Games".

The record "I Don't Play Those Games" was a one off. I was working in a soul/dance record shop at the time and had become infected by the beats of the mid 80's. Although I normally play guitar and bass I decided to try my hand at producing a keyboard based soul track. I always loved Blue Eyed Soul, artists like "Hall and Oats", "Boz Scaggs" so this wasn't a million miles away.

I did a rough recording and was encouraged by the positive comments from DJ's that used the record shop. With the promise of sales behind me I booked into a studio and laid it down. It was the studio where Shakatak had been recording at the time. I used some classic equipment. Oberheim DMX Drum Machine, Roland Juno 6 Keyboard, Early Akai Sampler (just out of the box).

The label was my own and there were no other releases. The first pressing plant I took it to went bust and I lost the 50% deposit! The hand drawn label design was supposed to be redrawn and set professionally by the art department at the new pressing plant. Unfortunately they just used my original drawing and so it ended up looking a bit crap. The record was distributed by G&M and only sold about 500 copies. I did a few PA's to promote it's release.

The most notable of which was supporting Barbara Pennington when her single "On A Crowded Street" was riding high in the UK chart. She blew me off the stage! I wondered what the hell I was doing there. I remember throwing free copies of my 12 inch single into the crowd and they just fell on the floor. Ouch!

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