CHICAGO GANGSTERS released Four albums from 1975 till 1979. The first album CHICAGO GANGSTERS released in the seventies is 'Blind Over You' on GOLD PLATE Records. Other albums that CHICAGO GANGSTERS recorded are 'Gangster Boogie', 'Life Is Not Easy', 'Gangster Love',

Creators of that old-school break "Gangster Boogie," the Chicago Gangsters were a family act: James Leroy, Sam, and Chris McCant. Whether they were actual gangsters I suppose we'll never know, but they did record a song called "I'm An Outlaw" in 1977. As is usually the case with famous samples, "Boogie" did not crack the charts when released in 1975. The Gangsters got to charts when they decided to show their sensitive side on their version of "I Choose You," the love theme from The Mack. They dropped the city affiliation and recorded as The Gangsters from the late 70s to early 80s on Heat. For more info about The Chicago gangsters see Ivy.

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