CAPTAIN SKY released Four albums from 1979 till 1981. The first album CAPTAIN SKY released in the seventies is 'Pop Goes The Captain' on AVI Records. Other albums that CAPTAIN SKY recorded are 'The Adventures Of Captain Sky', 'Concerned Party #1', 'The Return Of Captain Sky'. From 1978 till 1984 CAPTAIN SKY released also nine singles. The first single CAPTAIN SKY released in the seventies is 'Super Sporm' on DYNAMIC SOUNDS Records. Other released tracks are 'Soap Opera City (1982 / H.E.R.O.)', 'Station Brake (1981 / WMOT)', 'Bubble Gum (I Chewz You) (1980 / TEC)', 'Moonchild (1979 / AVI)'.

Born 10th July, 1957, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., Captain Sky is the alter ego of Daryl Cameron, a Chicago based, bass player.
Under this aliase, Daryl assembled a large group Chicago based musicians and embarked on a recording career in 1979.
He has released two albums on AVI Records ('Pop Goes The Captain' and 'The Aventures Of Captain Sky'), one on TEC in 1980 'Concerned Party No.1' and one again for AVI('The Return Of Captain Sky' ) in 1981.
Musically, these records could be considered as a mix between P.Funk, pre-historic electrofunk and raw sticky disco and are surely one of the most heaviest Funk records ever recorded.
Since 1981, Captain Sky has released few 12" singles only, the last one in 1988 ('You Bring Me Up' on Triple T records) with a more acid-house feeling

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