Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Top R&B AlbumsBrook Benton Today1970421
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Hot 100Million Miles From Nowhere1958-03-10824
Hot 100So Close1959-05-18387
Hot 100Hurtin' Inside1959-02-23784
Hot 100Endlessly1959-04-201213
Hot 100It's Just A Matter Of Time /1959-01-26318
Hot 100This Time Of The Year1959-12-21665
Hot 100Thank You Pretty Baby /1959-07-131614
Hot 100With All Of My Heart1959-07-20821
Hot 100So Many Ways1959-10-19616
Hot 100Kiddio /1960-08-08717
Hot 100Baby (You Got What It Takes)1960-01-25515
Hot 100Ties That Bind /1960-04-11379
Hot 100Hither, Thither And Yon1960-04-18586
Hot 100A Rockin' Good Way1960-05-23713
Hot 100Fools Rush In1960-11-142410
Hot 100Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)1960-12-26931
Hot 100The Same One1960-08-221612
Hot 100It's Just A House Without You1961-10-02455
Hot 100Frankie And Johnny /1961-08-21208
Hot 100Think Twice1961-02-131112
Hot 100Boll Weevil Song1961-05-15216
Hot 100For My Baby /1961-02-06288
Hot 100Revenge1961-11-201510
Hot 100Hotel Happiness /1962-11-24312
Hot 100Still Water Runs Deep1962-12-08891
Hot 100Hit Record1962-05-05458
Hot 100Lie To Me1962-08-251310
Hot 100Walk On The Wild Side1962-02-17437
Hot 100Shadrack /1962-01-13199
Hot 100The Lost Penny1962-01-13772
Hot 100Dearer Than Life /1963-03-09598
Hot 100I Got What I Wanted1963-03-16288
Hot 100My True Confession1963-06-15229
Hot 100Two Tickets To Paradise1963-09-073210
Hot 100A House Is Not A Home1964-07-18757
Hot 100Another Cup Of Coffee1964-05-16477
Hot 100Too Late To Turn Back Now /1964-05-09438
Hot 100Lumberjack1964-10-03537
Hot 100Do It Right1964-12-19674
Hot 100Going Going Gone1964-01-25357
Hot 100Love Me Now1965-07-031001
Hot 100Mother Nature, Father Time1965-11-13537
Hot 100Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got)1967-08-19784
Hot 100Do Your Own Thing1968-10-26992
Hot 100Shoes1970-12-26676
Hot 100Don't It Make You Wanna Go Home1970-05-30457
Hot 100My Way1970-04-18726
Hot 100Rainy Night In Georgia1970-01-10415

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