Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Black AlbumsOne1974480
Black AlbumsTwo1975280
Black AlbumsThree1976230
Black AlbumsBJ41977330
Black AlbumsOne On One1980260
Black AlbumsSign Of The Times1981270
Black AlbumsTwo Of A Kind1983230
Black AlbumsThe Genie (Themes & Variations From The TV Series 'Taxi')1983430
Black AlbumsFoxie1983450
Jazz AlbumsOne197420
Jazz AlbumsTwo197520
Jazz AlbumsThree197620
Jazz AlbumsBJ4197730
Jazz AlbumsHeads197810
Jazz AlbumsOne On One197910
Jazz AlbumsTouchdown197910
Jazz AlbumsLucky Seven197930
Jazz Albums&H&198030
Jazz AlbumsSign Of The Times198120
Jazz AlbumsAll Around The Town198130
Jazz AlbumsHands Down198230
Jazz AlbumsTwo Of A Kind198310
Jazz AlbumsFoxie198330
Jazz AlbumsThe Genie (Themes & Variations From The TV Series &Taxi&)198350
Pop AlbumsOne1974850
Pop AlbumsTwo1975750
Pop AlbumsThree1976490
Pop AlbumsBJ41977380
Pop AlbumsHeads1978470
Pop AlbumsOne On One1979230
Pop AlbumsTouchdown1979370
Pop AlbumsLucky Seven1979420
Pop Albums'H'1980470
Pop AlbumsSign Of The Times1981560
Pop AlbumsAll Around The Town1981660
Pop AlbumsHands Down1982720
Pop AlbumsFoxie1983100
Pop AlbumsThe Genie (Themes & Variations From The TV Series 'Taxi')1983770
The Billboard 200Foxie1983100
The Billboard 200121984130
The Billboard 200Double Vision1986500
The Billboard 200Obsession1987140
The Billboard 200Ivory Coast1988190
The Billboard 200Cool1992170
The Billboard 200Restless1994160
Top Contemporary Jazz AlbumsDouble Vision1987110
Top Contemporary Jazz AlbumsObsession198780
Top Contemporary Jazz AlbumsIvory Coast198840
Top Contemporary Jazz AlbumsGrand Piano Canyon199040
Top Contemporary Jazz AlbumsCool199210
Top Contemporary Jazz AlbumsRestless199440
Top Contemporary Jazz AlbumsJoined at the Hip1996100
Top Contemporary Jazz AlbumsJoined at the Hip1997230
Top Contemporary Jazz AlbumsPlayin Hooky199740
Top Contemporary Jazz AlbumsJoy Ride199970
Top Contemporary Jazz AlbumsMorning, Noon & Night2002100
Top Contemporary Jazz AlbumsMorning, Noon, & Night2002100
Top Jazz AlbumsFoxie198330
Top Jazz Albums12198450
Top Jazz AlbumsFoxie198450
Top Jazz Albums12198570
Top Jazz AlbumsDouble Vision198610
Top Jazz AlbumsObsession198630
Top Jazz AlbumsStraight Up199660
Top Jazz AlbumsDancing On The Water2001120
Top R&B AlbumsOne1974480
Top R&B AlbumsTwo1975280
Top R&B AlbumsThree1976230
Top R&B AlbumsOne On One1980260
Top R&B AlbumsSign Of The Times1981270
Top R&B AlbumsTwo Of A Kind1983230
Top R&B AlbumsFoxie1983450
Top R&B Albums121984670
Top R&B AlbumsDouble Vision1986160
Top R&B AlbumsObsession1986490
Top R&B AlbumsIvory Coast1988990
Top R&B AlbumsCool1992880
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsFoxie1983450
Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums121984670
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsDouble Vision1986160
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsObsession1986490
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsIvory Coast1988990
Top R&B/Hip-Hop AlbumsCool1992880
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Hot 100Feel Like Makin' Love1974-11-09882
Pop Singles0000-00-0000

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