BIONIC BOOGIE was born in New York City, New York State, U.S.A. on 5 May, 1949. BIONIC BOOGIE members are Gregg Diamond. BIONIC BOOGIE released Four albums from 1977 till 1979. The first album BIONIC BOOGIE released in the seventies is 'Bionic Boogie' on POLYDOR Records. Other albums that BIONIC BOOGIE recorded are 'Hot Butterfly', 'Greg Diamond's Starcruiser', 'Tiger, Tiger', One albums of BIONIC BOOGIE reached the billboard Top R&B Albums chart. The highest charted album was 'Bionic Boogie' from 1977. This album debuted 22 April 1978 on the Top R&B Albums chart and reached number 59 and lasts 2 weeks on this chart. From 1978 till 1979 BIONIC BOOGIE released also four singles. The first single BIONIC BOOGIE released in the seventies is 'Chains' on POLYDOR LTD. Records. Other released tracks are 'Fess Up To The Boogie (1978 / POLYDOR (POLYGRAM))', 'Hot Butterfly (1978 / POLYDOR (POLYGRAM))', 'Tiger Tiger (Feel Good For A While) (1979 / POLYDOR (POLYGRAM))'.

Gregg Diamond (1949 - March 14, 1999) was a pianist, drummer, songwriter, and producer who was active in the jazz and disco music scenes of the 1970s.

Diamond wrote the song "Hot Butterfly," which was released in 1978 under one of his group's names, Bionic Boogie, with Luther Vandross providing lead vocals. The song was later covered by David Lasley and Chaka Khan. His other popular songs included "Risky Changes" (released by Bionic Boogie in 1977), "Dance Little Dreamer" (released by Bionic Boogie in 1977), "Cream (Always Rises to the Top)" (released by Bionic Boogie in 1978), "Starcruisin'" (1978), "Fancy Dancer" (1978), and "Tiger, Tiger (Feel Good For a While)" (1979).

His biggest commercial success was as writer and producer of the single "More More More" recorded by the Andrea True Connection in 1975.

He died of gastrointestinal bleeding on March 14, 1999 at the age of 49.

Members of the Bionic Boogie are: Gregg Diamond
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