ARTHUR ADAMS released Four albums from 1973 till 1979. The first album ARTHUR ADAMS released in the seventies is 'It's Private Tonight' on BLUE THUMB Records. Other albums that ARTHUR ADAMS recorded are 'I Love, Love, Love, Love My Lady', 'Home Brew', 'Midnight Serenade', From 1980 till 1981 ARTHUR ADAMS released also two singles. The first single ARTHUR ADAMS released in the eighties is 'Give Me More Chance' on SWEET BIPPY MUSIC Records. Other released tracks are 'You Got The Floor (1981 / INCULCATION)',

In 1975 Arthur Adams met Wayne Henderson (Crusaders). Wayne took Arthur to Fantasy Records and produced his debut album Home Brew, an experimental set of jazz and fusion cuts featuring Ronnie Laws, Jerry Peters, Joe Sample (Crusaders), Dennis Coffey and Motown bass player James Jamerson. Through 1976 he worked closely with Wayne's group The Crusaders, playing guitar on both the group's albums released that year. Wayne later returned to produce Arthur's 1977 album for Fantasy, Midnight Serenade.

In 1979 Arthur joined A&M for the Stewart Levine-produced album / Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love My Lady. Featuring Neil Larson and the Seawind horns among a host of top musicians, 'I Like It Funk/ did well on the jazz funk scene, while 'You Give Me Such A Good Feelin" (on which he sang) became popular on the modern soul scene a few years later.

His greatest commercial success came with 'You Got The Floor', a UK Top 40 for RCA in UK.

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