ALEXANDER O' NEAL was born in Natchez, Mississippi, U.S.A. on 15 November, 1953. ALEXANDER O' NEAL is a member of The Time. ALEXANDER O' NEAL released Nine albums from 1985 till 2010. The first album ALEXANDER O' NEAL released in the eighties is 'Alexander O'Neal' on TABU Records. Other albums that ALEXANDER O' NEAL recorded are 'Hearsay All Mixed Up', 'All True Man', 'Hearsay'. From 1983 till 1993 ALEXANDER O' NEAL released also twenty zero singles. The first single ALEXANDER O' NEAL released in the eighties is 'Do You Dare' on BMC Records. Other released tracks are 'All True Man (1991 / TABU)', 'Critisize (1987 / TABU)', 'Fake (1987 / TABU)', 'Fake '88 (1987 / TABU)'.

Born on November 14, 1953, in Natchez, Mississippi, Alexander O'Neal was a member of The Time when the group first formed in 1980, but was dropped immediately from the group, supposedly for seeming "too black". As his vocals range in the same strength as Otis Redding's, O'Neal sings in the retro-style of soul when it comes to doing it in both the dance-pop numbers and modern, urban ballads. He is considered to be one of the very best artists that former, fellow Time members Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis had ever produced for. And he and Cherrelle have great chemistry together when it comes to doing the duets. O'Neal's albums are from his 1985 or'86 self-titled debut to 2002's The Saga of a Married Man. Currently, he resides in America where he's been touring and set up a permanent shop there.

Alexander O' Neal is a member of: The Time
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