Albums Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Singles Chart
Chart Title Year Position Weeks
Hot 100Only You1996-06-011328
Hot 100Come See Me1996-11-093320
Hot 100Sky's The Limit1997-12-06601
Hot 100Cupid1997-03-011328
Hot 100I'll Be Missing You1997-06-14133
Hot 100All Cried Out1997-08-30425
Hot 100Love Me1998-10-241716
Hot 100Anywhere1999-03-201525
Hot 100Callin' Me2000-07-292113
Hot 100It's Over Now2000-12-09620
Hot 100Dance With Me2001-09-153920
Hot 100Peaches & Cream2001-04-14429
Hot 100Hey Luv (Anything)2002-01-265815
Hot 100Na Na Na Na2003-08-09756
Hot 100Hot & Wet2003-10-18709
Hot 100U Already Know2005-03-0500

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