ÀNGELA WINBUSH is a member of Hot Tea, René And Angela. ÀNGELA WINBUSH released Three albums from 1987 till 1994. The first album ÀNGELA WINBUSH released in the eighties is 'Sharp' on MERCURY Records. Other albums that ÀNGELA WINBUSH recorded are 'Àngela Winbush', 'The Real Thing'. From 1987 till 1996 ÀNGELA WINBUSH released also four singles. The first single ÀNGELA WINBUSH released in the eighties is 'C'est Toi' on MERCURY Records. Other released tracks are 'No More Tears (1990 / MERCURY)', 'Floatin' On Your Love (1996 / )', 'Run To Me (1987 / MERCURY)'.

Soul legend Angela Winbush was born in St. Louis, MO in 1954. She grew up singing gospel music in the church choir and learned to play piano as a child, though claming she had no intentions of pursuing a professional music career when she began attending Washington, D.C.'s Howard University majoring in architecture, but she became interested in the music business and changed her major to music education.

Around 1977, Angela sent a demo tape to New York DJ Gary Byrd, that would end up reaching his friend Stevie Wonder. He called Winbush and invited her to Los Angeles. While singing in Wonder's backup band Wonderlove, Winbush learned about writing and producing by sitting in on sessions with Wonder.

In 1980 she met songwriter Rene Moore, eventually forming the duo Rene & Angela. From 1981-1983 Rene & Angela released 7 Billboard charting singles, Do You Really Love Me (#43, 1980), Everything We Do (#39, 1980), I Love You More (#14, 1981), Wall To Wall (#37, 1981), Imaginary Playmates (#26, 1982), Banging The Boogie (#33, 1983), and My First Love (#12, 1983) which was remade in 2000 by R&B singer Avant.

In 1982 Angela Winbush, got a call from A&M Records to produce an album for an American Icon, Janet Jackson. Winbush produced 4 songs on Jackson's debut album titled Janet Jackson, the album reached #6 on the Billboard Top R&B Albums list and spent 45 weeks in the Top 50, the records first single Young Love produced by Winbush also reached #6 on Billboard Top singles chart.

In 1985, Rene & Angela signed with Polygram and were assigned to their Mercury imprint. Their label debut, Street Called Desire, went gold. The album included two #1 Billboard hits, Save Your Love (For #1) and Your Smile. The album also included the singles I'll Be Good which went #4 and You Don't Have To Cry which went #2. That same year Winbush, wrote the #1 single I Have Learned to Respect the Power of Love for R&B superstar, Stephanie Mills.

By 1987, Winbush was solo and got another production job, this time on the Isley Brothers' Smooth Sailing LP after the group's lead singer, Ronald Isley, mentioned to Warner Bros. records executive Benny Medina that he wanted to work with the group who did Your Smile.

Her debut solo album Sharp hit #7 on Billboard's Top 100 albums chart, the album first single Angel hit #1 for 2 weeks, and was named by Billboard Magazine, the #10 biggest R&B single of 1987. The follow up single Run To Me went #4. In 1988 she released the singles C'est Toi (It's You) which missed Top 40, reaching #47 and Hello Beloved which hit #26. She earned two Soul Train Award nominations that year, Female Album Of The Year (Sharp) and Female Single Of The Year (Angel), she also performed with Chaka Khan, Stefanie Mills and Ronald Isley at the show.

In 1989 she released her follow up album It's the Real Thing which went #12 on Billboard's Top 100 album chart. The first single It's The Real Thing went #2 on the R&B singles chart, the follow up single No More Tears hit #12, and she hit Top 10 once again in 1990 with the ballad Lay Your Troubles Down when it hit #10, the albums last single was her first single to miss the top 50 Please Bring Your Love Back hit #70 late 1990.

After working together, Ronald Isley became the singer's manager. Becoming romantically involved, Winbush married Ronald Isley on June 26, 1993.

In 1994, Winbush was back on the Billboard charts with her third solo album Angela Winbush, which hit #11. The albums debut single Treat U Rite became her 9th Top 10 hit when it reached #6 summer 1994, her follow up was a remake of the Marvin Gaye classic Inner City Blues, though having her best video yet, the single only reached #49, it became the last single from the album. The 11 track CD did manage to sell over 300,000 copies.

Winbush retured again in 1996 on the single Floatin' On Your Love with Lil' Kim, The Isley Brothers, and 112, the song hit #14. In 1997 she appeared on the legendary album Life After Death by the Notorious B.I.G., on the track I Love the Dough featuring Winbush and Jay-Z, the same year Foxy Brown sampled Winbush's top 5 hit I'll Be Good on her Top 10 pop hit featuring Jay Z I'll Be

Since then Winbush has released two greatest hits albums on Hip-O Records, Ultimate Collection in 2001, and Greatest Love Songs in 2003. Since her start in 1980, Winbush has sold a total of 10 million albums and singles worldwide, and scored 3 #1 singles on the Billboard Charts. Add/Complete Bio


Sheena Easton - The Lover In Me (1988)

Lalah Hathaway - Lalah Hathaway (1990)
(Arranger/drum/Programming/producer/keyboards/engineer rogramming ocals/background/synthesizer)

The Isley Brothers - Spend The Night (1989)
(Arranger/Producer/Keyboards/Flute/Drum Machine Synthesizer/Vocals/Background/Synthesizer/Bass)

The Isley Brothers - Eternal (2001)

Janet Jackson - Janet Jackson (1982)
(Producer Rhythm Arrangements/Keyboards/Vocals/Background)

L.t.d. - Shine On (1980)

Stephanie Mills - Home (1989)

René And Angela - Rise (1983)

Rufus & Chaka Khan - Camouflage (1981)

Narada Michael Walden - Awakening (1979)
(String Arrangementsvocals vocals/background)

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