Diana Ross - Red Hot Rhythm N' Blues (Album Of Week 37)

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Diana Ross - Red Hot Rhythm N' Blues Diana Ross - Red Hot Rhythm N' Blues 1)(cd 1) Dirty Looks
2)(cd 1) Stranger In Paradise
3)(cd 1) Summertime
4)(cd 1) Shine
5)(cd 1) Tell Me Again
6)Selfish One
7)(cd 1) Cross My Heart
8)(cd 1) There Goes My Baby
9)(cd 1) It's Hard For Me To Say
10)(cd 1) Shockwaves
11)(cd 1) Mr Lee
12)(cd 1) Tell Mama
13)(cd 1) Sweet Soul Music (previously Unreleased)
14)(cd 2) Dirty Looks (12 Inch Mix)
15)(cd 2) Dirty Looks(12 Inch Instrumental)
16)(cd 2) Dirty Looks (bonus Beats)
17)(cd 2) Dirty Looks (european Album Mix)
18)(cd 2) Shockwaves (12 Inch Mix)
19)(cd 2) Shockwaves (12 Inch Instrumental)
20)(cd 2) Shockwaves (7 Inch Remix)
21)(cd 2) Mr Lee (swing Mix)
22)(cd 2) Mr Lee (rare Groove Mix)
23)(cd 2) Mr Lee (swing Mix Edit)

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