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DISCO FEVER, The Club, Is A Legend In Its Own Time. An Institution Iho Bronx, And The Premier Rap Club Of The World, DISCO FEVER, Has Been The Spawning Ground For All Of The Top Rap Artists In The Isic Business. Russell Simmons, Co-owner Of Def Jam Records And Manager Of Some Of The Top Rap Recording Artists (Run-DMC, Whodini, L.L. Cool Jay, And Kurtis Blow) Claimed, “If A Rap Record Doesn’t Go Wound In FEVER, It’s Fake.”

Sweet G (“Games People Play”) Was One Of The Original Workers In The Fever. He Worked His Way Up From Second D.J. To General Manager. In 1983, The Fever Crew Along With Owner Sal Abbatiello Wrote “Games People Play” For Sweet G In The Fever’s Office. Kurtis Blow Convinced Abbatiello To Start The Fever Label With Sweet G’s Record. Blow Along With Jellybean Benitez Produced "Games People Play” Which Became #1 In New York City Beating Both Michael Jackson And New Edition. From “Games People Play” Came The Spin-off Classic “Games Females Piav” Recorded “Games Females Play” Due To Abbatiello’s Suggestion. That Suggestion Turned Out To Be Another Fever Classic

Lovebug Starsky, One Of The Biggest Rap Stars Nationally As Well As Internationally, Got His Start AT THE FEVER. Starsky Created A Sensation Every Night At The Club Spinning The Records As Well As Rapping Over Them. In 1983 He Recorded His First Record “Starsky Live At The Disco Fever”. It Was An Automatic Hit. He Went On To Record His Other Huge Hit On The Fever Label, “You Gotta Believe” Which Was Written At The Fever’s Office. With His Energetic Performances, Starsky Captivated His Audiences. People Still Claim That “Nobody Rocks The Fever Like Starsky”.

Nayobe Is The Fever’s Gift To Mainstream Music. “She Was Just A Young Kid Who Used To Hang Around The Club”, Claims Abbatiello. That Young Kid Won The Famous Fever Gong Show Whichled To A Recording Contract With Fever Records. Her First Record “Please Don’t Go”, Became An Instant Hit With The Fastidious Fever Audience. “Please Don’t Go” Was The #1 Song In 1985 In Miami Beating Out Whitney Houston.

M.C. Chill Was The Only FEVER Artist Who Started Outside Of New York. Discovered In Cleveland By WBLS Radio D.J. Mr. Magic, Chill Was Introduced To The Fever. “My Dream Has Always Been To Play AT THE FEVER,” Claims Chill. His Dream Not Only Came Through But Was More Than He Ever Anticipated. He Recorded His First Major Hit, “Bust This Rhyme”, On The Fever Label.

This LP Gives You The Best Of THE FEVER And The Artists That Made It Happen. Now You Can Relive History Being Made AT THE FEVER.

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