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JERMAINE JACKSON is a member of The Jacksons. JERMAINE JACKSON released Thirteen albums from 1972 till 1991. The first album JERMAINE JACKSON released in the seventies is 'Jermaine' on MOTOWN Records. Other albums that JERMAINE JACKSON recorded are 'Let's Get Serious', 'Come Into My Life', 'My Name Is Jermaine'. Twelv....


Year Title Label Rating
No Picture 1972 That's How Love Goes
(0 votes)
No Picture 1972 Daddy's Home
(0 votes)
No Picture 1973 You're In Good Hands
(0 votes)
No Picture 1976 Let's Be Young Tonight
(0 votes)
No Picture 1980 You're Supposed To Keep Your Love For Me
(0 votes)
No Picture 1980 Let's Get Serious
(0 votes)
No Picture 1981 I'm Just Too Shy
(0 votes)
No Picture 1981 You Like Me Don't You
(0 votes)
No Picture 1982 Let Me Tickle Your Fancy
(0 votes)
No Picture 1984 Do What You Do
(0 votes)
No Picture 1984 Dynamite
(0 votes)
No Picture 1985 When The Rain Begins To Fall
(0 votes)
No Picture 1985 (closest Thing To) Perfect
(0 votes)
1986 Do You Remember Me? ARISTA / ADI-9501 (PROMO)
(0 votes)
No Picture 1986 I Think It's Love
(0 votes)
No Picture 1989 Don't Take It Personal
(0 votes)
No Picture 1990 Don't Take It Personal ARISTA
(0 votes)
No Picture 1990 Two Ships ARISTA
(0 votes)
No Picture 1991 Word To The Badd!!
(0 votes)
No Picture 1992 I Dream I Dream LA FACE
(0 votes)
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